Shawarmas at Ibrahim BBQ!

Located 1967 Lawrence Avenue East in Scarborough

I hadn’t had an shawarma in a long time, the last one being at Rifca’s Mediterranean and the Friendly House Restaurant — which I loved– so it was great to have a weekday lunch with some of the best leaders in the team.   Continue reading

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Lunch at Kenkou Sushi Bar

Located at 1549 Steeles Avenue West in North York

Earlier this week, Nicole and I had lunch at Kenkou Sushi Bar (their website seems to be down..), a sushi restaurant she’s frequented many times before since it is close to her residence.  I was happy to try a new restaurant again and it never hurts that it’s sushi!   Continue reading

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Love’in Noodles

Located at 633 Silver Star Boulevard in Scarborough

This noodle shop used to be something else.  It either used to be a Japanese ramen place or a beef noodle place.  Either way, the previous businesses failed and now this one is in place.  To be honest, I’m not sure how much longer they will last too since it doesn’t seem like they get a lot of traffic or customers and maybe their feng shui is not that great.   Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

Silk worm store, Beijing. March 2015

It is SO easy for me to focus this week’s photo challenge on food because I always take pictures of food and from every angle too.  I take more photos of food than I ever used to do (now with handy smartphones and lots of storage space) and will snap at LEAST two pictures of the same dish just in case the first one ends up a little blurry.   Continue reading

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Desserts at Sweet Esc

Located at 30 Gibson Drive in Markham

This is another restaurant that I’ve been seeing a lot of recently on my friends’ social media pages that I have been meaning to try out (social media works and is so powerful!).  I got to try this out recently! :D  Sweet Esc is a new Asian dessert cafe in Markham located just north of Steeles at a plaza on Warden (there is a Chatime there).   Continue reading

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Fresh Off The Boat!

Located at 404 Queen Street West in Toronto

I love fried soft shell crab and lobster rolls and have been seeing friends eat these delicious looking softshell crab sandwiches and lobster rolls from Fresh Off The Boat.  I finally got the chance to try these with my fellow food blogger friend Anh last Saturday!   Continue reading

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Duke of Richmond

Located at 20 Queen Street West in Toronto

I originally wasn’t planning to blog about this pub that we went to after the Shop Expo event, but it is still a foodie memory, so here it is. :)

Duke of Richmond is a British-style pub that opens until midnight on Thursdays and Fridays and is within 2 minutes’ walking distance from the Toronto City Hall or Toronto Eaton Centre.  I thought this was actually a really good spot to eat at after the event since it was so close.  They have several locations all around the GTA, with different names like Duke of “Devon, Kent, York, Somerset,” etc. Continue reading

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