Day 2 Dinner of West Caribbean Cruise 2015!

First formal night on the cruise!

This was our second day on the cruise but our first sea day!  Yay!  On this day, instead of cruising around and finding activities to do on the cruise, we had our very first GenYTO cruise coring on the boat!  It was really cool.  We all gathered after breakfast time in the Black Pearl to listen to first-time convention goers speak about their experiences, top successful entrepreneurs about their tips and lifestyle after not having to work anymore, and also about our upcoming cruise excursions!   Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

Happy in Markham. April 2008

The word “reward” reminds me of something you need to earn and achieve in order to get a result.  It can be something tangible or not!  No matter if we realize it or not, a lot of our daily behaviours are related to whether we get something as the end result.   Continue reading

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Day 1 Dinner of West Caribbean Cruise 2015!

Hello Miami! (Taken from the cruise ship)

Coming back from a 7-day cruise and recounting the amount of food that we ate is ridiculous!  So I’m only going to write about the dinner meals that we had from each night.

On this first night, we gathered at the Gold Pearl Restaurant on the lower level for the 6:00 p.m. dining time.   Continue reading

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Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (Bayside, Miami)

Located at Bayside Marketplace, 401 Biscayne Blvd in Miami

Bubba Gump!!  I’ve been wanting to go to this restaurant to dine at ever since I heard about it from the others from last years’s convention!  It’s a well-known seafood chain restaurant all over the U.S. that heavily relies on decor and themes from the movie “Forrest Gump”.  I finally had the chance to try this restaurant out after our team booked a reservation for all of us on the last day of Miami before the cruise.   Continue reading

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MAWC 2015! !!

First night in Miami to wander around and eat

This was my third convention!  Wow!  I’m a veteran convention go-er now!  That’s really cool.  Time has FLOWN by and I can’t believe this was my third one.  Anyone can go actually to this convention.  That makes me nothing special.   Continue reading

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Lunch at Red Rocket 192 Grill

Located at 3111 Convair Drive in Mississauga (Toronto Pearson Airport) [Terminal 1, After-Security (USA), Level 2 Gates. Near Gate D51/F51.]

Wheee!!  Boarding to Miami in 2015 in February in the dead of winter!  I remember last year when we boarded the plane right before a snowstorm hit Toronto and the flights right before mine were cancelling left, right, and centre.  This year, we were able to fly without worry and everything went off without a hitch.  It was so good that we even assembled together for breakfast after passing through customs!   Continue reading

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