Data Recovery

That’s it.  I admit defeat.  After 7-8 attempts at trying to restore the photos that I “lost” from the third and fourth day of my cruise, I’m done trying — I need to use my SD card again for more food and fun adventures this weekend, so I’m quietly saying good-bye to those 100ish photos that I will never see again.  RIP photos.

In other news, here are my top two choices for data recovery programs that you can use to recover any accidentally deleted or lost files from your computer!   Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

On Top of the world’s 6th tallest free-standing structure, the CN Tower!

CN Tower, Toronto.  August 2011

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Snow in April! Second year in a row!

Light dusting of snow on April 15, 2014

Some of you are going to hate this post, but it doesn’t matter because it’s all in your perspective and how you want to handle the “curveballs” that life throws you.

This morning, many Torontonians woke up to a white and wintry view outside their windows.  “Where’s my spring?!” “Screw you, mother nature!”  “Ugghh!!” and other disgruntled comments and pictures of the sudden snow on the ground flooded my Facebook feed.  While it is indeed not the “norm” or ideal to have some light dusting of snow in the season of spring, I don’t really think the snow is a big deal.   Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

The Carnival Glory and the Ruby Princess parked right beside each other at the port; looks like two monuments to me!
April 2014

Upon disembarking from the cruise to an excursion in Mexico on my Caribbean cruise this past week (that’s why there’s been no new posts for the past couple of days — sorry, guys, I know that some of you had been checking back for new ones, but I’m back now!) and heading back to our Ruby Princess cruise ship, I saw this view!   Continue reading

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Yakitori Kintori

668 Bloor St W

The first time I heard of Yakitori Kintori was when I received a twitter invite from them!  From their description, I noticed that they are the same creators as Guu.  That meant NEW RESTAURANT in Toronto!!  Woohoo!  This was back in February.  Since its opening, I’ve noticed other friends checking in and also blogger reviews on urbanspoon.

When my friend Mabel kindly messaged me to tell me about her amazing experience there, we decided to go together (a second time for her and a first for me).  Yay!   Continue reading

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A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline

Or more specifically, as quoted by Harvey MacKay,

“A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”

If you don’t set out to do what you dream of, how can it be realized and achieved?  Similarly, if you don’t have dreams, what are you aiming for in this lifetime?   If you don’t write it out and have a set plan and deadline for it, how do you know it will happen?

My Dreamboard!

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New favourite HK-style cafe: Blue Ocean Cafe

Thai Style Tom Yum Soup with Seafood and Rice Noodle

I’ve seen on urbanspoon that Blue Ocean Cafe has some great reviews and had placed it on my wishlist to try out sometime.  It just so happened that I was at Peachtree Centre looking for a place to eat and saw the restaurant.  Yay!  Maybe I was biased from the online reviews that this restaurant would be good, but I was already impressed when I walked in.   Continue reading

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