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Moving homes 2014

I’m writing again from my stenograph.  Since I was spending a lot of time last week packing away things and moving to a new home, I also had my computer reinstalled and didn’t get a chance to connect my stenograph to my computer so I had to resort to using my QWERTY keyboard to type.  I haven’t written about steno stuff in a while, but I can’t tell you how much I missed using it to type and write to people.   Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

This week’s photo challenge is about dialogue — two pictures “talking” to each other.  When I opened up my folders to find a good fit — initially thinking what the heck am I going to use for this challenge –, the first two pictures that I saw “spoke” to me (lol, pun intended!).

Sweet and Salty — What chu saying to each other?!

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Snow Ice Dessert at Cha Me Cha

Located at 5369 Yonge Street in Toronto

Some of you might have seen my facebook picture of three mountains of what looks like shaven ice desserts on a hot summer day.  Well, here’s the review for the restaurant where I got it from! (I know, finally, right!).

After some fun at Great Escape, sushi at Kayagum, Marvin decided to take us out for dessert at Cha Me Cha where he said there was an amazing dessert we had to try.   Continue reading

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Richmond Court Restaurant

Located at 550 Highway #7 East, Unit A7-8 in Richmond Hill

Richmond Court is a Chinese restaurant that serves all kinds of Chinese dishes, fried rice, noodles, seafood, soups, dim sum, desserts, and whatever you want to eat at a Chinese place.  It’s popular and lots of people come here for affordable and good Chinese food.   Continue reading

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Kayagum Korean Restaurant

Located at 5460 Yonge Street in Toronto

I’ve been to Kayagum four times now!!  The perks of being backlogged on this blog is that almost a full month has passed from the point that I first stepped into Kayagum 24 Hours Korean Restaurant until now and in that span of time, I’ve returned again and again to dine here.   Continue reading

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Oh Geul Boh Geul

Located at 5320 Yonge St in North York

After a spectacularly eventful and fun core meeting at our super duper new location at the North York City Hall, we ventured over to Oh Geul Boh Geul for some dinner.  We were a big group of 8 and the restaurant was spacious enough to fit us all at the table near the wall.

We decided to share an assortment of Korean dishes.  Oh Geul Boh Geul is on Yonge Street (in the uptown Koreantown) and just a short distance from Finch Subway Station which makes it easy to get to.   Continue reading

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Ocean Seafood Restaurant

Located at 328 Hwy 7 East in Richmond Hill

At first, I thought Ocean Seafood Restaurant was a Chinese restaurant that only featured fancy six-course dinners with seafood and chicken and your other typical Chinese dishes.  However, when we walked in looking for a casual HK-style cafe, Ocean Seafood Restaurant actually had a breakfast and lunch combo that fit exactly what a HK-style cafe serves!   Continue reading

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