Pho Viet at Warden and Steeles‏ [Defunct]

Located at 7010 Warden Ave. Unit 17 &18 in Markham

The other week, a bunch of us had finished some amazing training by the millionaire with the name of Keith Doyle and welcome another friend into our team — it was an amazing weekend to say the least.  Six of us dined together at Pho Viet.  Even though a few of us had just had pho that morning, it was a good option of all the rest of the restaurants at the Warden and Steeles plaza.  

Coincidentally, this was a restaurant that Christian frequented when he used to work around the area.  The boss lady recognized him too!  Also coincidentally, five of us order vermicelli that night (Christian ordered the curry chicken).  We shared two plates of spring rolls to start.

Chả giò tôm thịt
Deep fried shrimp and pork spring roll with lemon fish sauce. $4

The spring rolls were fried to a hot crisp.  They were good!  I’ve also had better ones elsewhere but I guess I’m just used to the ones at Vietnam Noodle Star.

Bún thịt nướng, tôm nướng chả giò
Vermicelli with spring roll (pork & shrimp) and grilled pork and grilled shrimp. $9.75

Soon, our vermicelli/bun haos arrived.  The presentation was lovely!  The menu had a huge selection of different variations with the vermicelli like you could have grilled chicken with shrimp or grilled pork with spring rolls or chicken pate with shrimp sugar cane.  The list of options was impressive.

The bowl was a decent size for one person.  I chose the grilled pork with spring rolls option.  Yum!  The grilled pork slices were so impressive.  They were perfectly flavoured and so tasty!

The vermicelli itself was okay.  Again, I’ve had better ones at Vietnam Noodle Star lol.

Bún gà nướng chả giò
Vermicelli with spring roll (pork & shrimp) and grilled chicken. $8

All in all, everyone enjoyed their meal and it was a decent and affordable restaurant. 🙂

Pho Viet on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to Pho Viet at Warden and Steeles‏ [Defunct]

  1. andy1076 says:

    I love love love vietnamese dishes, gotta love the cute bowl carrying the sauce too 🙂

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