Ka Ma Do Japanese Dining 火間土 (Hong Kong)

Located at Shop A, 16/F, Lee Theatre Plaza, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay in Hong Kong

I’m so happy that I got to try this restaurant before I left my Hong Kong trip this time!!  This kind of restaurant is called Japanese “faun tei” and it’s essentially all-you-can-eat-Japanese food but they call it this name.  Why not call it buffet?  But I guess it’s because you don’t go out into the larger area of food on tables to collect it before bringing to your table to eat.  Anyway, I really wanted to try this out because when Jennifer was recommending this to me, it sounded like a hit thing to do in Hong Kong now and I absolutely didn’t want to miss out on it.

The restaurant that she recommended to have this AYCE Japanese food was actually having a 10% off promotion at the time and was broadcasting this in the newspaper.  We took advantage of this and ate here with all of our relatives.  We booked the 8 p.m. slot and had 120 minutes or so to eat… or it may have been more.  It was more than enough time for us to order and eat without being rushed out.  (Some restaurants in Hong Kong nowadays have a dining limit of only 90 minutes, which for an AYCE setting is usually not enough and would be rushed.)

The restaurant is really nice and located on the 16th floor of the Lee Theatre in Causeway Bay.  We got a really big square table for the ten of us.  We found it actually very inconvenient to share our dishes of food because the square table was large and didn’t have a Lazy Susan in the centre in which to move food around.  Nevertheless, we were still able to eat.

They had a large variety of sashimi, sushi, rolls, yakitori, hot food, specialty items, dessert, and even drinks were included on the menu.  It was really good.  My relatives were quick to note that everything that we ordered on the sheet were brought to our table without fail.  (You will see in this later review about how I comment that some AYCE restaurants gyp customers out by not always serving all the portions of food that you check off on the order sheet.)

Every dish was quite good!   We ordered almost everything and a lot of sashimi and skewers especially.  The sashimi was so fresh and I really liked the sweet ebi shrimp.

The really special one that you don’t usually eat is the goose liver steak sushi.  I tasted it as foie gras sushi and it literally melted in your mouth when you bit it.  This was so good.  We really should have ordered more of this!

All the skewers were just okay to me.  The beef tongue was too overcooked and very hard to chew through.  The chicken wing skewers and most of the other meat skewers were also not particularly good.

The steamed egg was delicious!  Man, how do they make these always so smooth and soft?!  I loved the one at Yang’s Kitchen too!

This octopus was also something amazing.  This was a whole body of an octopus that was marinated in red sauce.  You would think that it would be incredibly chewy and hard to eat but the entire body and tentacles were so bouncy and soft to eat.  It was amazing!  My relatives even ordered a second helping of these.

The thing I also loved about this restaurant was that you could even order one piece of a single item.  Some restaurants permit you to order a roll by giving you the entire roll of 6.  For here, if you wanted a California roll (like I did), you could just order one.  It’s so good because then you are less likely to waste food! 🙂

Last but not least, dessert was amazing.  There were a couple of choices of ice cream and two puddings.  I tried black sesame and green tea ice cream.  Delicious!  The black sesame ice cream was especially perfect and tasted exactly like black sesame.

I don’t remember what the other two pudding desserts were but I enjoyed them.  My cousin apparently thought they were disgusting and really didn’t enjoy it.  Different folks, different strokes.

All in all, I loved and was so impressed with this restaurant.  My relatives were as well.  This was a great recommendation and I do think it is worth a visit.  Even if you come with a group of four or two, you will still have a great time AYCEing because you can order the items by piece.  Yay! 😀

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