Winning Restaurant 永利餐廳 (Hong Kong)

Located at Ground Floor, 73A Waterloo Road, Ho Man Tin in Hong Kong

What a cute name to this HK-style cafe in Mong Kok that we dined at for brunch in Hong Kong!  Winning Restaurant serves your typical HK-style cafe food of noodles, rice, congee, Chinese dishes.

It’s not surprising that their food tasted delicious even though we ordered such simple dishes.  Hong Kong flourishes with such high population and tourist demands that if you don’t cook food well, you’re not bound to survive.  It’s like that with any business really, but especially with a simple cafe and restaurant, they need to know what they’re doing.

It was nearly empty like this when we arrived, but packed and loud when we left!

We ordered a curry beef tongue rice from the lunch menu and also a bowl of Yunnan Spicy Soup Noodles to share.

The lunch set came with a simple bowl of soup

Curry Beef Tongue with Rice. $40 HKD

The curry beef tongue rice was a good portion and was actually so good.  It wasn’t too spicy and the sauce was just thick enough too.  Yum! 🙂  Curry craving definitely satisfied with this one.

Yunnan Spicy Soup Noodles. $42 HKD
-rice noodles, fish tofu, sliced beef (extra $8 HKD), with mild spicy soup base

The bowl of Yunnan Spicy Soup Noodles contained a choice of noodles plus one topping that you can choose from a list; any other ones, you add $8 HKD for more.  We chose fish tofu and added sliced beef to the selection.  We had rice noodles with a mild spicy soup base.

The exterior of the restaurant

I had pictured in it my mind that it would be similar to the ones that we had at TamJai SamGor last year, but it wasn’t like that at all.  I like Yunnan noodles usually.  This bowl of noodles was just so-so.  The fish tofu also wasn’t like what we were used to.  It was more like fish meat instead.  It was still good, but just not amazing.

All in all, I really loved the curry beef tongue with rice.  It was perfectly made!  This is a good cafe to stop by for a cheap and good meal.

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3 Responses to Winning Restaurant 永利餐廳 (Hong Kong)

  1. andy1076 says:

    Beef tongue, I haven’t had this in ages but with curry! now THAT I have to try 🙂

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