Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love

Woodbine Subway Station, Toronto. July 2009

This week’s photo challenge is “one love“.  Whenever I see funny or cute graffiti in public places, I know that someone somewhere out there is being amusing and playful.  It gives me a sense of a human touch from a random spot that you wouldn’t expect (or shouldn’t expect since most graffiti is frowned upon — at least the ugly ones) which brings a smile to my face which ultimately comes from a place of love.  When graffiti like this is cute and humorous, it brings peace and love.

I snapped this photo during the couple of seconds I had between the subway doors closing when I was at Woodbine Subway Station during the summer in 2009 on one of my foodie adventures (yes, even back then, the foodie adventures were hap’n! 😉 ).  I spotted these adorable faces added to the O’s of the word and thought these were so cute.  If someone doesn’t come from a place of positivity and fun and love, I don’t think we would see these cute signals in random places.

What’s the cutest or most loving thing you’ve seen in a public place? 🙂

About stenoodie

I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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3 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love

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  3. 🙂 to you, too.


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