Soup Noodles at 蝦妹記

January 17, 2019:

Another little noodle shop! 😀 The first time we passed by this small corner shop called 蝦妹記 front of a crosswalk, it was packed with people and some more were waiting outside. The advertisements outside showed $24 HKD noodles which was so cheap!

We returned back to this shop to try it out for lunch. Inside, it was small and quaint with just the owner acting as the server. In addition to the menus posted on the walls and on paper underneath the glass table, photos of each variety of noodle soups were posted for easy reference as well.
I chose the “four treasures” (fish skin dumpling, squid ball, pork ball, and fish ball) bowl with thin yellow noodles in plain soup. It also came with seaweed on the side. For an updated combo, I could have included a drink and a side of vegetables, but we only chose the vegetables. Lettuce or “wa wa” choi were the vegetable choices.
My mom got a bowl with rice noodles and squid balls and fish cake flakes in fish soup. The fish soup was obviously more flavourful than my plain soup.
The thin noodles here were all right. The standout star were the fish cake flakes. It was so bouncy and smooth! The seaweed was also very generous and unlike the seaweed paper that some other restaurants may serve in noodle soups. This was actually shreds of seaweed.
I almost wanted to order a side dish of fried fish skin too to complement my bowl of noodles (and plus I was curious about how their fish skins were like and when compared to the other ones I had recently), but the portion of noodles was already enough for me.
Their tiny single stall washroom is a squat toilet that is quite clean. It’s so tiny though that you can barely turn around inside when closing and opening the door. It’s so Hong Kong though.
It also goes without saying that you’ll likely have to share a table with a stranger when dining in such places. They only have four four-seater tables inside the restaurant.
Overall, the food was all right but great for the deal. 😀 Certainly, many locals stop by for a cheap noodle meal.

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