Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Reptilia Zoo, Vaughan. March 2014

This week’s photo challenge was a little difficult for me to narrow down.  What is a twist?  It could be a twist of licorice, a twist of a plot in a story, a physical twist of a strand of hair or arm (painful!) or a twist in song and dance (Twist n Shout!).  No matter what it means for you, here’s my interpretation of it for this week:

I was browsing through my photos to see what picture would best fit “twist” and this one popped out at me.  It’s an unfortunate picture to look at but shows an incident that happens every single day.  All living organisms need to eat.  This anaconda is simply eating its meal — that of a rat.  It eats it by chasing after it (after the zookeeper drops it into its water tank), wrapping its long snakey body around it, twisting and twisting around until the rat is firmly lifeless before it slowly devours it.  It seems cruel to look at, but this is what we all do every day.  We eat, breathe, sleep, and repeat.  Twist!  Put a twist into your life today.  What do you have going on this month that you really, really look forward to?  If there isn’t anything, maybe it’s time to change that.  For me, I like a life full of twists and happy turns.  It’s what makes it so fun and exciting!! : )

About stenoodie

I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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9 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

  1. seeker says:

    yikes. I don’t want to be in that cage.

  2. K.Z. says:

    scary! great take on the theme 🙂

  3. We are not fans of snakes, so the sight of this fellow is making us squirm. But what a very incredible photography. Well captured!

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