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Steno firsts in June 2018

In the month of June, I’ve had a lot of steno firsts (thus still no time to blog freely). I’ve had someone who was visually impaired bring in a guide dog as part of an examination Advertisements

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No unique blog posts for a while

Just as I thought I was going to finally resurface this weekend for some sunshine and no transcripts on my plate, I’ve been dumped with a big slew of a back-order from last summer.  *shakes fists*   

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Burning out

I never thought this day would come.  I’m burnt out from doing transcripts. For the first time in my steno career, I’ve been inundated with transcripts for more than two months… I feel like I haven’t stopped editing or scoping … Continue reading

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A Full One-Day Arbitration

Today I had my first  *look above at the title*.  It was quite short I guess?  It went from 10 to 4 p.m. and since I had mentally prepared and anticipated it going until 5 p.m., I was surprised it … Continue reading

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Court Reporter Working from Home

You know, lately, as much as I would have loved to blog about steno and share photos from different courtrooms or board rooms, I just haven’t been able to :/. When I am on site, it’s the same one I’ve … Continue reading

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CSRAO Annual Conference 2017 ~ Captioning Bootcamp

I came back from my vacation just in time for the CSRAO Annual Conference this year — yes, it is that important and exciting to me!  This year, I was especially excited because there was a captioning bootcamp session.  Captioning … Continue reading

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First pharma case in a nice office

I’ve passed by this building many, many times but this was the first time I got to report in one of the firms on the upper floors! It was really posh inside and the conference room itself even had an … Continue reading

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