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It begins!

Just when I thought this might be an easy December, I receive an e-mail this morning about an order of four days of a hearing back in 2017.  😀  I should have known it was too early to call it … Continue reading

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Counting my blessings

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been and how come my blog posts come in bursts and then silence, it’s because I’ve been attending to my other passion in life: steno work! 😀 In the past 10 days or so,

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First Deposition!

I did my first deposition yesterday!  It was also the first time that both counsels appeared via video conference and so only the witness was in the room with me.  Imagine if the witness was there of a heinous crime, … Continue reading

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Feeling surreal because my transcript load is gone and complete for the first time since April.  Not sure what to do with myself now that I have no transcripts on my plate.  On the other hand, while I have lots … Continue reading

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Steno firsts in June 2018

In the month of June, I’ve had a lot of steno firsts (thus still no time to blog freely). I’ve had someone who was visually impaired bring in a guide dog as part of an examination

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No unique blog posts for a while

Just as I thought I was going to finally resurface this weekend for some sunshine and no transcripts on my plate, I’ve been dumped with a big slew of a back-order from last summer.  *shakes fists*   

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Burning out

I never thought this day would come.  I’m burnt out from doing transcripts. For the first time in my steno career, I’ve been inundated with transcripts for more than two months… I feel like I haven’t stopped editing or scoping … Continue reading

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