This should become a reporting standard

 court reporting

I didn’t take a photo of the screen but you can see on my table the two TV screens, one against another one

There were two witnesses in today’s steno job.  The parties had requested a split monitor with HDMI cable capabilities and also a large screen with a projector.  It was the first time I had a job with a tech request like that.  It turned out to be the best request ever!  Now I wish every job is like this.  Basically any time that they had a document that they were referring to, the assistant pulled up the document right on to the projector screen so that everybody in the room could see it.  The parties also had their own copies in hard copy form or electronic copy on their laptops so the Continue reading


The Shadower becomes the Shadowed

Today, I had a student court reporter job shadow me for the first time! 😀  Originally, I thought it was going to be the one I had previously taught back in my CCVS days, but it turned out it was the other self-taught student that was working her way to the top of the steno speeds.  I was really excited to meet her!

Unfortunately, today’s job turned out to be a non-appearance — my first one if I’m not mistaken although Continue reading

This week’s steno adventures



This was a crazy week of steno adventures. 😀 :O

It started on Monday.  I was supposed to sit on the same matter for all five days this week (a feat that I still haven’t achieved yet — earlier this year I was scheduled to sit for five days but then due to a transcript expedite, one of the days was switched over to another reporter for my own sake).  The Monday began with walking into a room of four policeman who were stationed there to bolster security.  It was for a “infamous Continue reading

New reporting location today!


One of the coolest things about being a stenographer is that every day is different and you might get to work out of new locations!  Today, I worked in this office which was all about land surveying.  All around the room, there were lots of artifacts and old maps as decor (historical compasses and telescopes).  I felt like I was in a mini museum lol.   Continue reading



Large boardroom

On Friday, I had an examination at the office.  For the first time, I was reporting in one of their biggest rooms that they had even though the number of scheduled number of people was slated to be 4 to 5.  Four people showed up in the end.  It was probably because it was the Friday before the long weekend and since there weren’t many jobs that day, they decided to put them in the big room Continue reading

Work over blogging? /CR Firsts

 14th floor of the Financial Services Tribunal

View from the 14th floor of the Financial Services Tribunal

Lately, I’ve taken the approach of preferring to work on my transcripts rather than blogging whereas in the past it’s always been blog posts before anything else to the point of staying up late until midnight or beyond to publish a post once per day.  As some of you might have noticed — and as I know it myself — I’ve been lacking in the department of daily posts lately.  It’s not that I’m uninspired — I already have a growing list of new backlogged posts already waiting for me to write and publish.   Continue reading

Swamped 2.0

No new blog post tonight again even though I really wanted to publish one and get another backlog post out of the way.  I’ve had less than 5 hours of sleep each night this long weekend to do transcripts…. no time to blog unfortunately.  It should be better tomorrow. Catch you all then :0).