The Color Run in Toronto 2017

 Color Run 2017

The Color Run 2017 located at 555 Rexdale Blvd in Toronto

Yay!  A fun run!  I haven’t done one since 2013 (Colours of Hope and Ugly Christmas Sweater)!

The Color Run is a 5-kilometre run inspired by the Color Me Rad colour phenomena where coloured powder is thrown into the air or onto the participants as they participate in a 5k race!  The run originated from the states (hence the spelling of the word “color”) and is a fun run for non-competitive runners or walkers to take part in something fun during the summer.  (The concept is actually loosely based on the Hindu Festival of Colours, also known as Holi.  The festive colours used are a sign of winter’s end and spring’s new beginnings.)

Ken signed us up for this race way ahead of time with two other friends so that we Continue reading


Fight Fit Bootcamps – Markham

Fight Fit Bootcamps Markham

Fight Fit Bootcamps located at 50 Torbay Rd in Markham

This Family Day weekend, my friend invited me to the gym that she has been attending for over three years where she does bootcamp training and kickboxing.  The Markham location of Fight Fit Bootcamps at 50 Torbay Road was having a friends and family day where their current members could bring in friends and family for a free class.   Continue reading

My first 10K Run!! (Sporting Life 10K)


Yay!  This was definitely something fun and challenging to accomplish!

When my friend Holly pitched the idea of doing a 10K to me and Joyce, I was quite hesitant.  Actually, she pitched the idea to me after I ran my first 5K and second 5K’s.  Both 5K races were really more fun than competition/full out running.   Continue reading

White asparagus? Day 5 of March detox

Today was a difficult day.  Either it’s been said that the first day is the hardest, or the third day, or the fourth day, or the fifth day.  With all these different opinions, I guess there’s really no set day to call it a “difficult” day for a detox.  For me, Day 5 was a toughie.

I felt so sleepy, a little hungry, and irritated above all for most of the afternoon.   Continue reading

Broccoli & Cauliflower Mash — Day 4 of March detox!


This is the first thing I’ve made from scratch in a long, long time:  Broccoli and cauliflower mash for the fourth day of my 7-day detox!  Woohoo! :O)  We’re more than halfway through the detox now and I honestly don’t feel that starved or deprived of food.  Of course, when I opened my cabinet this morning to find some cutlery, Continue reading

Green juice — Day 3 of March detox

The green juice makes a comeback on Day 3 of my March detox!  One of my very first posts as a blogger featured a green juice.  Click and read it here!  Back then, I went through a phase where I was addicted to juicing fruits and vegetables every morning since it was a fast way to get all my nutrients in one meal, or rather in one glass.  Even though at the time, I had every intention of continuing to juice every single day because of its apparent health reasons, as with most sudden phases, they tend to go out sooner or later.

Continue reading

Day 2 of March detox


Hello Day 2 of my very first detox!!

Last night, without any carbs or protein in my body and only fruits and veggies and water, I started getting a headache and feeling a little light-headed.  It’s actually a normal detox reaction and was due to the lack of blood sugar in my system (the headache should clear up by the second or third day).   Continue reading

Day 1 of Detox!

I’ve never done a detox program before.  As part of the one-year anniversary of my blog and becoming a weight fat loss coach recently, I decided that this would be the perfect way to celebrate a year’s milestones on this primarily foodie blog and to launch off a healthy lifestyle.  It’s almost like, hey, my food blog has reached 1 year old now?   Continue reading