Lunch at Basil’s Market and Deli

Basil's Market and Deli storefront

Basil’s Market and Deli located at 276 Ridout St in Port Hope

March 17, 2018:  After spending the morning at the Ganaraska Forest Centre, we headed to Basil’s Market & Deli at 12:30 p.m. for lunch.  Our reservations were already made for us and when we arrived, we simply chose the items from the menu and any drinks.

Basil’s Market and Deli (276 Ridout St) was like a corner shop deli Continue reading

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Happy 5th Birthday to my Blog!

 Blogging milestone

Blogging milestone

It’s not every day that you get to wish your blog a fifth birthday.  😀  I still remember when I had come back from my Asia trip in 2013 and instantly wanted to start a blog to chronicle my travel adventures and steno stories.  Since then, I’ve added so many food and restaurant reviews to this blog in addition to the travel and steno stories (actually most of my steno stories are private now due to privacy concerns and to my capacity as a working stenographer).  I’ll still continue to blog and still continue to tackle my ever-present backlog. XD   Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Favourite Place

Markham sunsets

Markham, Ontario. September 2017

No matter where I go, how many restaurants I visit, how many countries I step into, home will always be my favourite place to return to, to relax, in, to be with my loved ones, and to enjoy the little things.  I don’t have a particular photo showing “home”, so this photo of a sunset taken in the park near my house will do.  Continue reading

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Hotel Review: Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant

Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant located at 86 John St in Port Hope, Ontario

March 17, 2018:  Thanks to the Municipality of Port Hope, I was treated to a weekend getaway to explore the sights and sounds of this small town.  I stayed at the Carlyle Hotel & Restaurant (86 John St, Port Hope) for one night.  This is a hotel review chronicling my experience while at the hotel.   Continue reading

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Dinner at Elke’s Table on 47th in Yellowknife

Elke's Table on 47th storefront

Elke’s Table on 47th located at 4911 47 St in Yellowknife

February 23, 2018:  On our second day in Yellowknife and before heading out for our night time aurora light chasing, we headed to Elke’s Table on 47th for dinner.

Amazing Mr. Google helped us find this place.  It was just 2 minutes away from the hotel and had a rating of (at the time of visiting) 4.8 stars!  Perfect for us! Continue reading

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Day 1 in Yellowknife 2018: Arrival, Pho, Aurora Borealis Lights!

 Northern lights in Yellowknife

Attempt #1 at seeing the Northern lights in Yellowknife was a success!

Feb. 22, 2018:

Omg today was amazing!  I got to cross off/achieved another bucket list item — to see the northern lights!! ^_^

The trip started bright and early in the wee hours.  Our flight to Yellowknife was preceded by a stopover in Calgary first.  The flight from Toronto to Calgary was at Continue reading

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