Han Mi Jeong Korean Restaurant

Han Mi Jeong Korean Restaurant banchan

Han Mi Jeong Korean Restaurant located at 9425 Leslie Street in Richmond Hill

We had dinner at Han Mi Jeong Korean Restaurant this past Tuesday.  Han Mi Jeong is located inside the Richlane Mall on Leslie north of 16th in Richmond Hill.  I had always wanted to try out this small Korean restaurant after passing by it in this mall.   Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

 ducks in New Zealand

Rainbow Springs, New Zealand. April 2015

In my quick search for a fitting photo for this week’s challenge, I came across this photo very quickly.  This was taken in New Zealand inside Rainbow Springs in Rotorua on our third day in the country.  We were touring around the facility, a kiwi wildlife park, and there was a peaceful pond with these ducks just waddling about.   Continue reading

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Dim Sum at Casa Victoria

Casa Victoria interior

Casa Victoria located at 8601 Warden Ave, Unit 4-6 in Markham

On a rather warm afternoon, I had dim sum with Eric to catch up.  We went to Casa Victoria as he knew the owner who provided us with a VIP 10% off discount.

I had been to Casa Victoria in the past for a dinner banquet and perhaps dim sum but it had been such a long time that it was obviously a pre-blog outing and I don’t recall my last visit here.   Continue reading

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The Boil Bar at Bloor Street West

The Boil Bar Bloor West

The Boil Bar located at 442 Bloor St W in Toronto

The last stop of our restaurant hopping tour was to The Boil Bar at the Annex.  We’ve been talking about visiting so that Ken could try the deep fried soft shell crab cocktail for a while and after walking on Bloor Street West and noticing that the second location of The Boil Bar was here, we stopped in to try it.   Continue reading

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Sushi on Bloor

 Sushi on Bloor food

Sushi on Bloor located at 525 Bloor Street West in Toronto

Hmm, Sushi on Bloor.  This place has been well known for a long time — more than ten years in fact — and was one of the first sushi places that a lot of people raved and talked about back in my university days.

In fact, after we walked around the U of T campus for nostalgia’s sake, we ventured to Sushi on Bloor to have a quick bite Continue reading

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Craft Beers at the Crafty Coyote

Crafty Coyote food

Crafty Coyote located at 511 Bloor St W in Toronto

After watching A Tale of Samurai Cooking at the Hot Docs Cinema, we were looking for a place to eat on Bloor Street West and ventured into Crafty Coyote after spotting that they had a Seafood Board that looked really good on their menu.  (This is why it’s so important and smart for restaurants to display a menu on the outside of their storefronts so that people like us passing by get intrigued and enter for a bite to eat on a whim.  Foot traffic works!)   Continue reading

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Petit Potato

Petit Potato omurice

Petit Potato located at 10 Ravel Rd #1-2 in North York

Ever since I was invited to attend the Media Event (and wasn’t able to go) last year, I have wanted to visit Petit Potato for its omurice and towering toast desserts.  I finally had the chance to try it out with Ken this weekend just before we headed to the Evergreen Brickworks for a quick hike and stroll.   Continue reading

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