Vegan Banana Bread from Empire Espresso

Empire Espresso Vegan Banana Bread

Empire Espresso located at 668 College St in Toronto

April 19, 2018:  After the YamChops cookbook launch event, Grace and I headed down the street to find a local cafe to grab a drink and chitchat.  She found Empire Espresso which was a really cute and hipstery cafe that served coffees, drinks, and small bites.   Continue reading

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YamChops Cookbook Launch

YamChops cookbook launch event

YamChops located at 705 College St in Toronto

April 19, 2018:  Back in mid-April, I had a pleasure of attending my first vegan cookbook launch event!  YamChops is Toronto’s only vegan (plant-based) “butcher” and they were holding a media event for fellow bloggers and foodie friends to visit to sample some bites as well as receive a free copy of the cookbook!  YamChops is located in Little Italy on College Street a few streets east of Ossington.   Continue reading

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Feeling surreal because my transcript load is gone and complete for the first time since April.  Not sure what to do with myself now that I have no transcripts on my plate.  On the other hand, while I have lots of blog posts on the backlog, I’m half hoping that something work-related comes in so I can Continue reading

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The AC is on

It’s so hot in the GTA this week that I finally broke down and turned on the air conditioning unit. I broke my record of four years of not switching the AC unit on since moving into this house in September 2014. 🙂   Continue reading

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Steno firsts in June 2018

In the month of June, I’ve had a lot of steno firsts (thus still no time to blog freely). I’ve had someone who was visually impaired bring in a guide dog as part of an examination Continue reading

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Tasting Dinner at Shinta Japanese BBQ

Shinta Japanese BBQ storefront

Shinta Japanese BBQ located at Unit 37-39, 280, West Beaver Creek Rd on Richmond Hill

April 18, 2018:  In April, I had the opportunity to dine at a new all-you-can-eat Japanese BBQ restaurant called Shinta Japanese BBQ.  I had seen influencers post about this place on Instagram and had seen a so-called line-up to get into their restaurant during their promotional event and I was curious about the restaurant’s food.   Continue reading

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Sending photos is so easy these days!

Pet peeve: People who don’t send you photos after an event or vacation or activity or whatever and especially when you know they’re not busy, have easy access to a smartphone and the photos are Continue reading

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