Europe 2016 ~ Day 6: Keukenhof Gardens, Zaanse Schans, Amsterdam


Monday, April 18 Day 6.  Amsterdam.

Omg today was so fun and so packed with events!

First, we had continental breakfast downstairs at the Hampton Hotel and it was nice!:)  Breakfast was a bit rushed though since I had gone down a little later than usual.   Continue reading

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Krispy’s Kajun Chicken

Krispy's Kajun Chicken

Krispy’s Kajun Chicken located at 4997 Highway 7 in Markham

There used to be a Popeyes Chicken here where this current Krispy’s Kajun Chicken store now stands.  Ever since then, I’ve been a little curious about this fried chicken shop.  Since I had a coupon from the booklet for a buy one get one free order of two chicken pieces, we decided to eat here for lunch after a good yoga session at Moksha Yoga.   Continue reading

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Osaka Sushi Japanese Restaurant

 Toronto Roll from Osaka Sushi Japanese Restaurant

Osaka Sushi Japanese Restaurant located at 5762 Highway 7 E in Markham

Osaka Sushi Japanese Restaurant is a hidden gem in terms of Japanese sushi rolls in Markham!  I am so glad that Tam found this restaurant for us to try for dinner.  I was highly impressed after the meal!:)

Osaka Sushi Japanese Restaurant is located on 5762 Highway 7 East nearest to the major intersection of McCowan Road in Markham.   Continue reading

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Build-your-own Pizza at Blaze Pizza

Build-your-own pizza

Blaze Pizza located at 10 Dundas St E #124 in Toronto

Grace and I tried out Blaze Pizza this past week!  I had heard lots about this U.S. chain pizza (which BlogTO likes to refer to as the “Chipotle of pizza“) and I was super excited to try this much-talked about pizza franchise for the first time.

Blaze Pizza has numerous location franchises all over the states already and I believe this was their first location in Toronto, Canada.   Continue reading

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Massage Review: Fuji Natural Comfort Healthcare Centre

Fuji Natural Comfort Healthcare Centre

Fuji Natural Comfort Healthcare Centre located at 5460 Hwy 7, Unit 4 in Markham

I got another great deal for a 60-minute massage from Groupon!  (I love that site for finding new massage parlours — I only buy the ones that have high reviews though since I don’t want just any Joe Schmo practising on me..).

I got the $39 deal from Fuji Natural Comfort Healthcare Centre located in Markham on Hwy 7 near McCowan Road.   Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

Funfetti Cake

Funfetti Cake, Moroco Chocolate. February 2015

Forget about just a cherry on top.  How about some cream cheese frosting on top of and between your red velvet mini cake, along with a red candy, followed by a strawberry macaron on the side AND some rainbow coloured sprinkles on top of the plate?  Extravagantly plated food dishes, especially desserts, are always eye candy to me.. get it?😛   Continue reading

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New Menu Items at KAKA All You Can Eat ~ Summer 2016

KAKA All You Can Eat

KAKA All You Can Eat located at First Markham Place at 3235 Highway 7 East, Unit 18A in Markham

KAKA All You Can Eat is back at it again to snag the title (in my books) for having the tastiest and high quality menu items for an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant.  KAKA All You Can Eat is located in Markham at the First Markham Place plaza near Highway 7 and Woodbine.  Ever since opening in the fall of 2015, it’s been a popular place for hungry foodies to dine at this all-you-can-eat restaurant where you order the items with a iPad on your table and service is efficient and fast (reservations can sometimes take up to 2 months, so book early!).   Continue reading

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