Nail One Spa in Markham

Dec. 14, 2018:  On the recommendation of my friend, I went to check out Nail One Spa for a manicure since I needed one ASAP.  I would have gone to the one I usually go to, but upon looking at the map of her new location, I wasn’t going to give up an hour of my day for the round-trip commute no matter how good her nail art was.  I had wanted to visit a new nail salon to try out anyway, so this worked out.   Continue reading

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Papa Chang’s Take Out and Catering at Alden and Warden in Markham

December 5, 2018:  Did you know that Papa Chang’s has a new outpost?  I noticed this new location a few months ago when Natalie and I attended a hip hop dance class at VYbE!   Since then I’ve been wanting to swing by Papa Chang’s Take Out and Catering whenever I was in this area so that I could have a fixing of the best Taiwanese popcorn chicken.   Continue reading

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Luscious 5 Kitchen + Bar

December 4, 2018:  I came back to eat here!! 😀  I initially visited this new restaurant called Luscious 5 Kitchen + Bar with Betty about a month ago for lunch.  I remember noticing this restaurant when driving on Woodbine Avenue and that it had replaced the previous Maison du Japon restaurant.

I remember on that visit how new the restaurant was and that since Continue reading

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It begins!

Just when I thought this might be an easy December, I receive an e-mail this morning about an order of four days of a hearing back in 2017.  😀  I should have known it was too early to call it a moderately paced month.  XD  Continue reading

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Wedding planning tips to ease the stress

Here’s what I learned about wedding planning so far (about 2 months after we got engaged):

– KISS: keep it simple, silly.  Don’t stray from one idea or one brand to another when someone gives you a supposedly “better” idea.  Stick to your guns about what you want and don’t be easily swayed by others (sometimes saving Continue reading

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Florence, Italy 2018: Day 6 ~ Train from Pisa to Florence, Authentic Florence lunch and dinners

 Train from Pisa to Florence

One-hour train ride from Pisa to Florence!

Saturday, September 9, 2018.  Day 6:

Today we checked out of Hotel La Pace and had a breakfast at Cofer Bar before taking the train to Florence.  We had a simple mozzarella and tomato panini but it was not so simple because it was delicious.  The staff heated it up for us so that the panini bread was crispy and Continue reading

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Stroganoff restaurant in Richmond Hill

November 30, 2018:  Yay!  We finally got to try this restaurant out!  We came to this restaurant, Stroganoff, a few weeks ago on a Sunday during the Remembrance Day weekend where it just so happened that many restaurants in the area were all closed.  When we walked in on that day, despite seeing unoccupied tables inside Stroganoff, we were turned down because their tables were all reserved.  We went to another great European restaurant instead (blog to come).   Continue reading

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