The 3 Brewers in Richmond Hill

The 3 Brewers in Richmond Hill food

The 3 Brewers located at 125 York Blvd, Unit #135 in Richmond Hill

May 4, 2019:  I remember first dining at a 3 Brewers in Montreal with friends many years ago and the blonde ale beers and how they had barrels of peanuts at the front of the restaurant that you could scoop for yourself.

This visit at the Richmond Hill location was all right to me.  Continue reading

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Hero Certified Burgers at Yonge and King

Hero Certified Burgers poutine

Hero Certified Burgers located at 79A Yonge Street in Toronto

May 1, 2019:  It’s been a while since I last ate at a Hero Certified Burgers fast food restaurant.  Their burgers are pretty good.  They now have a 100% vegetarian burger and a new haddock burger on the menu.

It was a late night at the office and we were coincidentally both still downtown.  We dropped into this location of Hero Burger at Yonge Street and King Street for a late night dinner.  Continue reading

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Yelp Event: “If You Yelp It, They Will Come” at Shoeless Joe’s in Vaughan

 Shoeless Joe's Vaughan storefront

Shoeless Joe’s located at 21 Colossus Dr in Vaughan

April 30, 2019:  Wow, I’m surprised, I have never blogged about a Shoeless Joe’s restaurant before.  I actually don’t even remember if I’ve even been to this sports grill/restaurant franchise before.  XD.

Yelp had a Community Yelp Event at the Vaughan location of Shoeless Joe’s (Weston Road and Highway 7).  Continue reading

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Chefs Plate: Asian Popcorn Chicken

Chefs Plate chicken and rice dish

Asian Popcorn Chicken with Jasmine Rice and Stir-fried Veggies

April 25, 2019:  This was probably the most disappointing Chefs Plate meal I made, and it’s all because of my own mistakes than the recipe itself.  Oh, well.  You live and you learn.

This dish was the Asian Popcorn Chicken with Jasmine Rice, Lime Aioli, and Stir-fried Veggies.  It had a difficulty level of “medium” and a cooking time of 30 minutes.  Continue reading

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Preview Tasting of Hey Noodles’ New Mississauga location

 Hey Noodles Mississauga

Hey Noodles located at 900 Rathburn Rd. W in Mississauga

The newest location of Hey Noodles is in Mississauga at 900 Rathburn Road West.  This is their sixth location in the Greater Toronto Area.  They are open to the public starting today, May 12, 2019!

Hey Noodles is a brand from Chongqing, China with 200 locations worldwide with more and more shops expanding in the GTA.  Their signature noodle style “xiao mian” literally translates to “small noodles” and is a staple food from Chongqing that can be found Continue reading

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Brown Donkatsu and Ramen

Teri Tonkatsu

Brown Donkatsu and Ramen located at 3235 Highway 7 East, Unit 22 in Markham

April 28, 2019:  We were in the area of First Markham Place and looking for a restaurant to have lunch.  We went to Brown Donkatsu and Ramen.  I remember when this restaurant used to be called Sonoya Japanese Noodle House (the ramen was mediocre).  It seems that they still serve all of the ramen choices that they used to offer as Sonoya but now include Japanese tonkatsu (fried chicken or pork cutlets) and donburi (rice bowls) as well.  They’re so Continue reading

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Next to Normal musical in Toronto, May 2019

Next to Normal musical in Toronto

Next to Normal at the CAA Theatre in Toronto

My first time “reviewing” a musical.  I’ve seen so, so many musicals over the years but really didn’t think to “judge” them like I have for my numerous restaurant reviews (but I did assemble a photo slideshow of all my visits).  I like documenting my life and experiences too much, so here is a look at what I thought of watching Next to Normal this time in Toronto at the CAA Theatre (formerly the Panasonic Theatre).  Continue reading

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