Brain dump with baby – week 17



More thoughts to purge/remember for a 17-week-old baby: Continue reading

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How to successfully get a refund from Lenovo

Lenovo refund email

Screenshot of the email that Lenovo sent me confirming my refund was being processed

If you’ve read my blog post about my experience of contacting Lenovo to receive the refund money of two products I’d returned in July 2020, you’d already know what a nightmare it was (beyond frustrating and time-consuming).  I had contacted Lenovo more than ten times and each time I was told the same story by different reps that I would get my refund back, but I still did not receive my money.  I’m happy to report that I finally got my refund Continue reading

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Brain dump week 16

So many thoughts to purge:  Continue reading

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Brain dump week 15

Thoughts from this past week. She’s more than 3 months old!:  Continue reading

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Year in Review: 2020

2020 year in review

Looking back at 2020… pandemic, pregnant, pumping breastmilk, partying at home with partners in crime

I love writing this year end review every single year.  It’s possibly my very favourite post to publish.  Here goes.

This was one of the best years to date.  I don’t say this lightly and I also write this with a lot of guilt considering what happened this year to the world, but I really think it was the Continue reading

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The Fourth Trimester is complete!

 Dyed red eggs to celebrate baby's 100 days

Dyed red eggs to celebrate baby’s 100 days

So many thoughts to continue writing down before I forget about this phase of the postpartum (again written out randomly because it’s not easy to remember everything sequentially):  Continue reading

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Week 11 brain dump

So many thoughts, milestones, and moments to remember and tuck away:  Continue reading

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Mid-week 10 brain dump thoughts

Baby arching back artinstic

When baby arches back and cries when being held. Screenshot taken from @artinstic

Thoughts this week and/or thoughts I’ve been meaning to dump out:  Continue reading

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Week 9 check-in

Baby head

Funny angled photo I took when she was doing tummy time.  It looks like she is just a head here. XD

We’re past week 9 now and nearing week 10.  The numbers do sure go by fast, but it doesn’t feel like 9 + weeks of time. 

The little baby is continuing to Continue reading

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Lenovo has the Worst Customer Service

Lenovo not giving back my refund

The two packages I mailed back to Lenovo. This photo taken at the UPS facility just before the UPS driver loaded them onto his truck

It is November 24, 2020.  I bought two products from Lenovo online on July 8, 2020, then decided to return them, mailed them back on July 20, their warehouse received it on July 24, and I still have not to this day received my refund of the products back.  It’s been more than four months since I returned the products and Lenovo has still not issued the refund to me.

At this point, I will never ever purchase another product from Lenovo ever again because of the horrid customer service and constant lies about giving me the refund. Continue reading

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