Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Unusual activity

Unusual activities, Toronto. July 2017

Today I saw something unusual outside the window.  First of all, it was an unusual move on my part as I rarely look out the window (for an extended period of time anyway) to notice anything significant.  I was on the ninth floor of the building at Bay and Adelaide for a job and all of a sudden I noticed a man on the street pick up a potted plant that was in front of a restaurant and THROW it directly onto the street where there were lots of cars moving.  What the…  It immediately caught my attention and I zoned into what this particular guy was doing.  The rest of the passerbys on the street seemed baffled Continue reading


Playing Escape Casa Loma – King of the Bootleggers

Casa Loma

Escape Casa Loma located at 1 Austin Terrace in Toronto

It’s been a while since I wrote up a review for an escape game and that’s because it HAS been a while since I stepped into one to play! 😛  I love escape games but it’s not always easy to gather a bunch of friends together to try out a new escape room that no one has played yet.

Ever since Casa Loma came out with their own escape games inside their castle walls, I had been so eager to come and play!  However, when it first came out, there was a month-long waiting list or something and I didn’t get a chance to round up friends Continue reading

Naan & Kabob “Foodie Bloggers Event” Recap

Naan & Kabob Foodie Bloggers Event

Naan & Kabob located at 1780 Markham Rd in Scarborough

Last Thursday, Naan & Kabob held a “Foodie Silk Route Event” at their Markham Road and Sheppard Avenue location in Scarborough.  This was a food event held at lunchtime to showcase some of their food offerings on their menu at this new location.  Naan & Kabob is a fast casual restaurant that offers Afghan street food.

Luckily, because a two-day reporting job had vacated its second day, I was able to make it out on this weekday to partake in this “foodie bloggers event” (I’ve never heard of ‘foodie bloggers’ before; either it’s “food bloggers” or “foodies” XD).  I was excited to try the Continue reading

Trying out Basil Box at Queen & Spadina!

Basil Box food and drink

Basil Box located at 441 Queen St W in Toronto

Thanks to winning a contest on Instagram that Basil Box hosted for winning a pair of tickets to the Taste of Toronto food festival this year (blogged about here) and two customized boxes of food, I got to try this chain of Southeast Asian food boxes for the first time! 😀

“The street markets of Thailand and Vietnam were the inspiration for Basil Box: a new restaurant where you can mix and match ingredients to build one of thousands of possible boxes.  Start with a base of rice, noodles, or greens, and then add veggies, proteins, sauces and toppings in unique combinations that will have you both coming back for your favourites and experimenting with something new.”

Continue reading

The New Pho-rritos from Sushitto on the Road


Sushitto on the Road, a moving food truck in Toronto

This past Monday, when I was heading to work for an afternoon job, I spotted the Sushitto on the Road food truck right outside my work building!  I had only seen this food truck for the second time (first time spotted them at the second Coconut Festival that I attended) and had never tried them before.  As far as I know, Sushitto on the Road was the very first vendor in Toronto to serve sushi burritos when the food trend blew up in 2016.  I had always wanted to try their sushi burritos and never got to do so because they are a moving Continue reading

Preview of the Pork Belly & Cheddar Croissants from Butter Baker!

"Pork Belly & Cheddar" Croissant

Butter Baker coming soon to Toronto!

Calvin of Butter Avenue found the blog post that I wrote a few months ago about the macarons that I had tasted from Butter Avenue and treated me to a preview of the baked goods that will be opening up this summer from his new bakery, Butter Baker!  Butter Baker is a new sister brand of Butter Avenue.  It will be opening up in the heart of downtown Toronto (location will be announced officially soon ).

“Butter Baker offers an evolving selection of sweet and savory pastries created using classic French confectionery cookery and techniques, made from scratch and local ingredients including fresh herbs, fresh fruits, and free-run eggs.  With gratitude and humility, we conduct our business with order and creativity to fully indulge all of your senses.  In Butter Baker, simple is better, order is an expression, and your experience is our reflection.”

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Neapolitan-style Pizzas Ready in 90 Seconds from Pi Co.

Pi Co. pizza

Pi Co. located at 1200 Bay St, Unit #4 in Toronto

After our dinner at Figures (we weren’t full), we headed towards Pi Co. for some pizza as a second dinner.  I hadn’t been to Pi Co. yet despite this being such a popular spot and having been shared by foodies all over Instagram at one point (I think there was a media tasting there).

We went to the original location of Pi Co. which was at Bay and Bloor (right in the heart of Toronto).  (They also have a new second location at Yonge and Eglinton and their website tells me that they will have two more locations coming up in the GTA as well in the next two years.)  I was excited to try Pi Co. to see what their pizzas Continue reading

Tapas Styled Dinner at Figures, Toronto’s comic book themed restaurant

Figures comic book restaurant

Figures located at 137 Avenue Rd in Toronto

I recall when BlogTO posted an article about the opening of this unique restaurant called Figures in which comic books were the theme and there was even an “secret entrance” in order to enter the restaurant.  Well, my friends and I visited the restaurant last Saturday evening and I have to say I was really disappointed (and felt a little jipped) about the entire experience. :/

(Don’t get me wrong, I’m really Continue reading