Hong Kong Style Cafe [Defunct]

Located at 10 Apple Creek Blvd in Markham

How many Hong Kong style cafes are out there in the predominantly Asian-populated communities of Markham, Richmond Hill, and Scarborough?  There’s so many that I still haven’t tried them all!  These restaurants feature dozens and dozens of delicious foods that are served with a drink or soup and are always cozy and affordable!  Hong Kong style cafes mean that they don’t really serve all Asian food but instead, they serve some Western varieties like spaghetti bolognaise, baked escargots, all-day breakfast sets, chicken steaks, and more!

I had an afternoon tea/lunch with Ronny here since we were looking for Hong Kong-style cafes and Hong Kong Style Cafe was one that I hadn’t tried before.  The food was fairly good!  The place was relatively empty for 2 p.m. and the food arrived in a reasonable amount of time.

The Club Sandwich here was pretty good!  It was packed with bacon, egg, tomato, ham, and lettuce.  Yum!!  I frequently like ordering Club Sandwiches since they’re simple but delicious. 😀

Club Sandwiches

Ronny ordered a fried rice from the Daily Specials menu that came with a soup and a drink.  I don’t remember exactly what the name of it was.  It had egg, shrimp, lettuce.  It was pretty good too!

Partially demolished fried rice

So readers, how many HK-style cafes do you think there are in all of Toronto?  Take a wild guess!  These places are always affordable, have decent service, and reliable food choices!  🙂  Have you been to Hong Kong Style Cafe before?  (This restaurant also probably has the most generic name out there too!)

Hong Kong Style Cafe on Urbanspoon


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