Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Unusual activity

Unusual activities, Toronto. July 2017

Today I saw something unusual outside the window.  First of all, it was an unusual move on my part as I rarely look out the window (for an extended period of time anyway) to notice anything significant.  I was on the ninth floor of the building at Bay and Adelaide for a job and all of a sudden I noticed a man on the street pick up a potted plant that was in front of a restaurant and THROW it directly onto the street where there were lots of cars moving.  What the…  It immediately caught my attention and I zoned into what this particular guy was doing.  The rest of the passerbys on the street seemed baffled Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage 2

my collage

Made by yours truly. October 2011 (?)

As I was publishing the first entry of this week’s photo challenge of “collage” and it was ready to go up, I realized that I actually had made THE MOST EPIC collage ever in my life during a project in my teacher’s college program several years ago (about ten years ago in fact).  THAT/THIS is truly the most representation of what a “collage” is (I was actually a little doubtful of the sample Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage

 cheese emojis

Greenwich, New York. April 2017

This is a collage of multiple artworks of cheeses that we saw on our trip to New York earlier this year! 😀  We couldn’t resist the silly yet creative puns for each of these cheese emoji stickers! We even downloaded the app to attempt to use it in our online conversations but unfortunately the stickers are actually just images as opposed to real emojis Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

 Harbourfront bridge

Harbourfront, Toronto. July 2017

Last weekend, as part of the Canada Day 150th birthday celebrations on July 1, 2017, the word’s biggest rubber duck made an appearance at the HTO Park near Harbourfront in downtown Toronto.  When the boyfriend and I strolled along the harbour in order to get to Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta

sunset views

Markham, Ontario. June 2017

Who is suggesting these challenges for the weekly photo challenges!?  They’re rather uninspired and repetitive.  Last week we already had a similar theme.  I would love to see different and varied themes like “run”, “tiny”, “soft” or something very specific and see what everyone comes up with and not these Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

 High Park 2013 cherry blossoms

High Park, Toronto. May 2013

I feel like a similar challenge of “transient” has been done before.  Nevertheless, I thought of this photo that I took when I visited the cherry blossoms four years ago at High Park.  Cherry blossoms are always in transient and that’s why it’s so hard to actually capture them.  They’re always changing and there’s only one week in the year where they’re at their peak bloom Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

sushi burritos

Mi’hito Sushi Laboratory, Toronto. June 2017

I’m so tempted to put up a photo of something that is in DISarray this week — since I can think of a few things that are disorderly this week — but alas I came up with this one:  Sushi burritos in order!  This was taken at a recent food tasting where almost always the food displays meant for photography are organized and staged in neat and meticulous ways.

Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend

 geese family

Baby geese, Markham, May 2017

These “friends” of mine are seen year-round but only during mid-May to early June do you see the small ones emerge for the first time.  You can get really close to them without them squawking or flying away and they’re just quiet, calm, beings for the most part.  (Just don’t provoke them.)    Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent

 West Caribbean cruise

West Caribbean cruise. April 2014

This week’s photo challenge is “evanescent: a moment in time that holds meaning for you”.  This photo was taken by one of my travel companions when I went on my first cruise to the West Caribbeans in April of 2014.  This is not only a fleeting moment in time because the sunrise doesn’t last very long (sometimes when you’re not paying attention, it seems like it turns from darkness to day light in just second) but also because it was mechanically a fleeting moment in time for me.   Continue reading