Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

Richmond Hill, Ontario. October 2014

It’s so appropriate that this week’s theme is “gathering” since this is definitely the time that many of us gather together with friends and family to celebrate the holidays and the end of this year (over lots of food and positive spirits).  In fact, my friends and I just had a gathering last night where we had a lot of food, games, and fun.  It was really enjoyable 🙂 (you can see the group photo on my instagram).  However, I’m not going to use that photo as this week’s challenge photo.  Instead, I’m going to talk about this group in nature that gathers all the time and every single year to fly together to one place.

When it gets cold in Toronto, Canada, the Canadian geese will flock together and fly all together in a nice aerial “V-formation” to the south where it is warmer to pass the harsh winter that is here.  Usually, by mid-November, or depending on how quickly the temperatures drop here, the gaggles of geese are seen flapping and screeching and flying over the skies and we know then that winter is on its way.  This year, 2015, however, barely any of the geese have flown away yet.  Just yesterday, I was driving by a field near my house and to my surprise, there were upwards of 50 geese all lounging together in the grass.  Wow!  It is past mid-DECEMBER and yet none of these geese have left Toronto yet to fly to warmer climates.  It was a surprise to me.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough to capture a photo as that wasn’t something I was anticipating to see for a quick glance at an open field.  When I pass by that field again today, I’ll try to see if the geese are still resting there and photograph it.

(It’s also a testament and a record to myself that this year’s winter has been late in arriving and it has been so mild lately.  I don’t think anyone is really complaining! [other than avid snowboarders and skiiers perhaps, haha.]  The temperatures have been so mild that it feels like autumn.  The digits have been in the positives and even upwards to 10 degrees Celsius.)

Otherwise, for this week’s challenge, I’m sharing this old picture which does show a gaggle of geese in it.  Funnily enough, they have gathered together to across the street and have stopped the street of cars from driving (this rarely SO often in Toronto that to many of us, it is a common sight!).

Hope you enjoyed this week’s photo selection of “gathering” 😛 and that you have very joyous and momentous gatherings in the coming days! 🙂

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I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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  3. plaridel says:

    enjoy the good weather courtesy of el niño. 🙂

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