Potato Noodle Soup of Bai

Potato Noodle Soup of Bai located at 4300 Steeles Avenue East in Markham

Sometimes, simple is best… or maybe not 100% of the time (as you’ll see in the following blog post why XD).  In the second floor of Pacific Mall, in the food court, there is a vendor called Potato Noodle Soup of Bai that specializes in “potato noodles” and also hot soup noodles in general.  These Chinese noodles are very common and popular all around Scarborough and Markham, so for the sake of a simple and fast lunch after running some errands, we ate here.

Potato Noodle Soup of Bai is a vendor in the second floor food court of Pacific Mall

They have a really nicely designed menu

Rice Noodle selections

They have three types of soup noodles for you to order from:  rice noodle, potato noodle, and “taste of Shanxi” noodles.  On this visit, I wanted some rice noodles, so I chose the “Rice Noodle in Soup” which came with beef balls, fish balls, and egg.  My mom chose the Beef Brisket Rice Noodle in Soup, also in rice noodles.  There were quite a lot of people ordering from this vendor so I figured they must be quite popular.


The noodles came with hot tea

After a few minutes of ordering, we got our hot noodle soups!  They were steaming hot, which was a great thing.  They were also rather delicious too.  Of course, being a food court vendor, sometimes you can’t expect too much from them (with the exception of this place), but the rice noodles here were moderately decent.  They weren’t very smooth and a little rough in texture.  One thing I did like about the noodle soup was that the preserved egg was so, so good!  It tasted almost like a tea egg.  Yum!  The portion was decent too.  However, one huge downfall was that I could taste the MSG in the soup base right away.  This also meant that for the rest of the afternoon, I was really thirsty from eating lunch at this place…. :/

Rice Noodle in Soup. $6.99

Beef Brisket Rice Noodle in Soup. $7.50

So, my opinion is….  sometimes appearances can deceive you lol.  If you like MSG and hot steaming noodle soup, then maybe you’ll want to try this place out. 😛   Otherwise, I’m sure there are noodle soups in the vicinity that do not contain so much MSG in their soup base.

They have Potato Noodle and Taste of Shanxi too

Rice Noodles

Potato Noodle Soup of Bai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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