Brain dump week 15

Thoughts from this past week. She’s more than 3 months old!: 

  • This week, she’s ditched the finger sucking and licking. Instead, she sometimes has her fingers so deep in her throat she’s actually made herself gag. She did it at least twice which made her throw up her milk… 😒
  • She’s so much heavier now. I’m guessing 13 lbs? We haven’t had the time to weigh her yet.
  • I’ve officially gone down to 3 pumps a day. I still produce more than what she’s drinking for now. My freezer stash continues to grow.. is a chest freezer worth it? Might be time to submit the milk donation form soon..
  • Jan 1, I actually only pumped two times in total 😲. That yielded about 728ml.
  • I can go for longer now without pumping and not feel super engorged. Maybe I’m going to jinx it but I haven’t had any clogs in a while now.
  • The other day, I went for 10.5 hrs since the last pump and yielded about 450ml (!).
  • The newest thing with baby too is that when I talk to her and she’s looking right at me, she bursts into huge smiles! 😁😁😁😁 We tried this with Ken holding her and she wouldn’t smile at Ken but would smile at me every time I spoke. It wasn’t a fluke. 😂😂 I guess she just prefers my voice suddenly 😂.
  • Thinking of getting her a sit-me-up or jumperoo. Any recommendations from other parents?
  • Apparently even if I produce the same amount of milk as before, the calories in it have increased — so the milk is growing with the baby. Breastmilk is so fascinating!
  • She still likes being held upright and taken to places around the house.
  • She’s turning her head while lying down and twisting her body.. she might want to flip over soon..
  • The leg raises and thumping have become more intense this week. Doesn’t she feel pain when she hits her legs so hard on the surface like that? 🤔
  • Her eyebrows are so much longer now.
  • She has the nicest eyelashes. They actually curve upwards and aren’t slanted straight down like most Asian eyelashes.
  • Since last couple times bathing, we can see she has a bit of a belly growing. 😁
  • Since I don’t pump so often now, I can actually sleep for longer. The longest stretch was 6 hours of sleep!
  • Ken still takes the night shift to feed and change her. I’m so thankful for that. She still isn’t sleeping through the night yet. He rocks and shushes her to bed basically every night. She also wears a sleep sack with the zipper and velcro wings. She looks so different when asleep versus awake.
  • Whenever we video chat with family, she actually looks intently at the screen. She’s pretty good to stay quiet too. Of course there can be limits too, like 10 mins if she’s fussy or 30 mins when she’s not. This new generation will have a screen in their faces so early on in life..  We already prevent her from watching TV in the same room but we can’t prevent it during these video calls.
  • When doing tummy time, she kicks her legs and feet up like a dolphin and her belly is flat on the bed. She has to learn to use her knees to move forward when she starts crawling.
  • When lying on her back on the play mat, she’ll sometimes coo and talk to herself. I need to audio record these moments.
  • Did my 2 hour glucose postpartum test and passed!! Yay!! I was afraid I might have prediabetes, but I passed the test with flying colours. My fasting glucose level was 4.9 and the 2 hour level was 5.1. So sweet (pun unintended 😂).
  • I realize I’m not one of those moms who misses their infant the second she leaves the house for an errand or small afternoon outing. When I leave the house without her, I don’t think anything of it. It’s a nice necessary getaway for me.
  • She’s started to use her voice and really scream and shriek.
  • Still feeling hot and warm these days. It’s winter now but I can still wear a T-shirt as a top and not feel cold. In the past, I’d be in my long sleeve PJs already and even a hoodie too for extra warmth. This year I don’t feel cold.
  • My toenails grow so much faster now than before. 🤔
  • Jan 4: She rolled over from her tummy to her back three times in a roll!! Baby has started to roll!! She likes to arch her back and roll to one side sometimes. Now we really have to watch over her more than before!
  • The previous scheduled poop times have gone astray. She no longer poops on schedule two times a day like I last documented.
  • Ever since I dropped to three pumps a day, my supply has slowly’s only been a week or so but I can already see the decline. I’ll still making more than she eats in any case.
  • I think the hair loss has begun.. these past few days I noticed a few more hairs come out than previously..
  • Her wrists are so cute with small rolls that lead to a pudgy arm.
  • She’s kind of starting to hold the bottle when feeding..but it’s not purposeful yet.

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