Week 36 Baby

Week 36 baby:

  • May 28: I spend too much time on my smartphone, and it’s not the reason you think. It’s because I pump around 4 hours each day…like a damn part-time job. When I’m pumping and sitting there, I’m on social media like Facebook or IG or mostly watching YouTube. I use my phone ridiculously more than I did pre-baby and I think it’s affecting my mental health and eyesight… I already use a blue light filter on my phone, but I feel like my eyes are still overtired each day. I think I should try reading instead during my pumping sessions…
  • I wish I could be blogging while pumping (as that would mean I’d finally be caught up on my back logs) but I need my hand to massage while pumping -_-
  • Haven’t had a clog in a while, yay, but I’m sure once I say this, I’ll get a clog soon lol. 
  • I haven’t had this sensation in a while so I’m surprised to see it return. Sometimes when I start the pump, I feel an immense feeling of dread for a few seconds. I don’t know why it happens but just that it happened to me before but then went away. It’s a sickly feeling. (Update: Saw a mom post about this and it’s called D-MER. I don’t have a severe case though…)
  • It is really true that until you become a mom, you have no idea what moms go through and sacrifice for their children. No matter how much you try to take off your own shoes and walk a life in that of a mom, the specific or slight examples in everyday life are just uncountable.
  • The one good thing about the pandemic is that it deters certain people from visiting and giving unsolicited advice to our face about our child or how we parent. I’ve never been fond of visitors in my house in the past anyway; my home is my safe haven. (This could change, but my introvert side is real.)
  • Bb has a bad habit of grabbing or yanking my hair. It really does hurt. 
  • She scratched DH’s face which left a red mark. She scratched grandma’s neck so hard some skin tore off..
  • I have to start the lifelong process of discipline now. Whenever she does things like this, I say “No” loudly and sternly. She actually stops what she’s doing and looks at me. Like when we were in the basement yesterday and she started gnawing on a small flashlight that I gave her to hold, I “no-ed” her for licking it. After a few times, I just took it away from her. 
  • Been sneezing and suffering from a runny nose all week. Hate spring and the allergies it causes me.
  • May 31: Wow, 10 hours and 55 minutes. That’s the longest I’ve gone since the last pump. Not proud of that -_- 
  • Another baby the same age as her is crawling already while another is not. I really despise these comparisons. At the end of the day, babies (barring any special circumstances) will all grow up to be able to talk, feed themselves, walk, and do things by themselves. Comparing them based on who can do something “first” on a certain month of their birth is really trivial. I wish more people would understand this. 
  • And even so, once an individual has grown up, every person has their own path and destiny in life. At age 30, not every person needs have had found a solid career or significant other or anything else that society dictates what is “normal” or expected. Comparison is the thief of joy.
  • I’ve noticed that she barely spits up now. Now that she’s 8.5 months old, her reflexes are mature enough that the milk stays down better. Not sure if “reflexes” is the right word, but I read something before about this and why younger babies spit up easily is because they’re not as developed to hold down milk yet. 
  • Milk supply these days average 640ml ish. It’s gradually going down..

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