Week 83: New booster seat preference, sleep regression

 toddler browsing toys at Toy R Us

Discovering the aisles at Toy R Us

Week 83: 

  • Apr 27:  Week 83 started off with a fever the night before.  Bb was about 38 to 39 degrees and we weren’t sure what it was.  We did her second ever RAT swab on her and she was negative.  She was less willing to go through with the swab this time because she remembered it from last time…
  • We gave her baby Tylenol for the first time ever.  It’s cherry flavoured and you can give it to the baby directly or mix it with juice or other liquids.  We didn’t mix it and gave it to her and she didn’t like it at all.  So much so that she coughed and ended up spitting it out… But thankfully, her fever went down as well.  The next day, she was fine again.  We think that fever bout was due to her teething.
  • She’s now teething with all four of her canines coming out.  It’s like a sharp little baby tooth coming out from her gums.  I don’t even try to take pictures of her mouth anymore for the baby teeth.  It’s not like she lets us and also I feel like the first tooth was very exciting and now it’s just another normal thing lol…
  • Also, because I had to put some antibiotic cream on my ears with a Qtip, when she saw it happening, she started crying.  She mistakened the Qtip as the swab for the RAT test unfortunately.
  • She doesn’t let us clip her fingernails and those bloody things are growing so long!  She was so great with us letting her cut her nails like a month ago but now things have changed and she doesn’t let us at all.  She might let us clip ONE time but then she’ll pull her hand away.  DH tried to force it by cutting more than one at a time and she cried hysterically.  She needs to cut her nails though because they’re so long I’m afraid she’ll have a hangnail.  She’s already cut her face a little bit too because of how sharp her nails are…
  •  We took her to Toys R Us this past weekend for the very first time.  My parents used to take me there as a kid so often and now we brought bb there to play too.  Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for her to warm up to the environment.  She was happy to walk around and look at and touch the various products on the shelves.  It was so great for her to see other toddlers and kids too.
  • She was able to play with a popcorn walker and ride on a car especially.
  • We walked inside the maul too and bb loved holding on to our hands and walking.  She also liked looking up from the second floor glass down into the atrium of the mall.
  • On Sunday, we took her to a new park near the 407.  There were more toddlers and kids there than the previous parks we’ve been to.  Bb likes to intently watch the other kids play.  There was one point where after she watched the other girls running around, when they happened to pass by her, bb yelped in excitement and did a “swipe” with her arms almost like she wanted to join them to run around too.
  • She has been experiencing some sleep regression where she is waking up 2 or 3 times a night.  Poor DH having to get up to feed her like she did when she was younger… I believe this is some kind of 18 month sleep regression stage.
  • She absolutely loves, loves sitting in her new booster seat that is actually meant to be for travelling.  It’s compact and easy to store, but because of its small size and she is able to put her feet on the chair the booster is strapped to, I think bb prefers this one.  We haven’t used our original high chair since she started sitting in the new chair… The pro about this booster chair is that it’s so small that the tray is really easy to clean.  The con is that bb can’t get in it by herself like she used to.  It’s also really easy to clean because there are no nooks or crannies where food bits can hide.
  • She has been loving the new book I got her.  Actually, I bought her a few new books this week.  She loves the one with the family members and flipping the flaps.  We originally didn’t want her to pull on the tabs just yet and for her to enjoy the book as is, but then grandma didn’t know our intention and showed her how to open the tabs.  It’s a case of spilling the beans already and we can’t withhold that information anymore.
  • In that book, she loves identifying how the baby needs to get his diaper changed, and how the baby needs milk in the bottle.  She recognizes all the household items in that book that she is used to already.
  • This week, she hasn’t been very interested in playing with her magnetic tiles or blocks or legos.  Instead, she likes to put her stuffed animals on the chair or reading books.  This week, she doesn’t float around from activity/toy to activity/toy like she did before.
  • She is getting SO good at repeating anything we say.  It’s magical.
  • She’s started to wake up and then sit up by herself.  She’ll wait for someone to get her and never get up to walk around her room when she’s awake, but this is different from when she just used to lie there motionless when awake.
  • She loves going on walks and to the park.  She loves the swings, carousel, slide, and sitting in the stroller.
  • When the TV is on, she can point out “dogs,” “ball”, “a man”, “earth”, “dancing,” “sitting on a chair”, “baby”.
  •  Did I ever mention in these blogs that she waits patiently by the stairs whenever one of us goes to the toilet on the main floor?  She has been doing this for months but I think I never wrote it down because I kept forgetting.  She will sit near the stairs and wait until we are done our business in the washroom (number ones).  She is SO, so patient about it too.  She automatically sits there and waits for us every time.
  • She can identify and say the colour “green” 95% of the time.  She’s still working on the other colours.
  • DH has been drawing on the new chalkboard with her and she’s enjoying scratching with the chalk as well.  She doesn’t know how to draw anything yet, but whenever she makes any kind of mark with the chalk or pen or pencil or crayon, I’ll applaud her.
  • Whenever it’s time for her to change her diaper, she knows to grab one diaper out of the bag for us.
  • For a few weeks now too, she says “da gou” when a piece of food is too large for her and she’ll tell us to cut it down for her.
  • The beginning of language:  She said “yum lok” (music) “hoi” (open), so she wanted me to turn on the music by saying “music, open!” 😀

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6 Responses to Week 83: New booster seat preference, sleep regression

  1. smkelly8 says:

    A friend who limited her children’s screen time with great care did turn the TV on to cut their nails.

  2. Olivia says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. gchan7127 says:

    What if you try to cut her nails while she’s asleep? Would she notice?

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