Week 132 motherhood: Bird Kingdom, unwell toddler, happy 100 days

Toddler feeding a lorikeet

First time feeding lorikeets!

Week 132 of motherhood with 2.5 year old and 3 month old: 

  • March 26:  After we had the continental breakfast at the hotel, we headed to the Bird Kingdom attraction.  I’ve never been to this tourist attraction in Niagara Falls before and was very excited to see it.
  • The first part and a bit are a little dull.  The tortoises walking around the 2nd floor was neat, as well as seeing all the pretty coloured birds/parrots.  The main aviary was where you could see lots of birds hanging out in a man-made “natural” habitat spanning three levels.  The best part was feeding the lorikeet birds.  It was so fun for me and a first-time experience.
  • We were given a little cup with nectar or sugar water poured into it and the little lorikeets came to us to drink it.  A bird perched on my hand while another inched up my shoulder.  It was really cool and their claws didn’t hurt.
  • The toddler held her own cup so cautiously and carefully.  She was timid but birds did come to her on the floor for the nectar.
  • After I nursed the baby in the Javanese tea house, we went in the feeding enclosure area for a second chance to feed the lorikeets.  This time, mom came with me.  Unfortunately, the staff changed shifts and the staff member on duty was a stingy one and didn’t pour us that much nectar in the cup.  She didn’t even give me my own cup and told me to help out the toddler with hers.  So stingy and anal.  Because she gave us so little nectar, the birds lapped it up quickly and our feeding experience was done quickly.  I asked the staff for a refill, which she begrudgingly did.
  • After the second refill, she told us that that was the last refill.  And when we were all done and about to leave the enclosure, bb handed the cup to her but the staff member mistakened the action as asking her for more nectar.  She told us “I told you that was the last one”/no more.  So rude.  I had to tell her that we were simply returning the cup to her.  Ugh.
  • I also got pooped on for the first time by a bird lol.  Luckily, the poop landed in possibly the best place possible:  right on my shirt near the belly area.  I simply had to run my top under the tap in the washroom and rub some soap and was able to get all the poop off.  Phew.  Glad it wasn’t on my head or pants or on the baby.
  • We had lunch at a sports bar and when we entered, some customer (old white lady) commented, “Why would you bring a baby into a bar.”  That comment really ruined the start of lunch.  Why are old (white) people so judgemental and closed-minded?  Why can’t I bring a baby (and toddler) to a restaurant that is a “sports bar”?  The restaurant provided a booster chair and kid’s menu!  That’s rude to assume babies don’t “belong” in a bar.  That could be the same as saying “why would you bring a senior citizen into a bar”.  That is ageism and stereotyping.  Sure, no one said it’s the best place for them, but the people who have an issue with it are those who are closed-minded and don’t like being bothered by babies crying.  I nursed the baby at our table when she was hungry.  She didn’t even cry more than 2 minutes; I settled her quickly enough.  And it was a late lunch at around 3pm; there weren’t even that many people in the restaurant.  Rude, rude, rude!
  • Everyone (except DH) fell asleep on the drive home.  Driving to Niagara was so quick and efficient at 1 hour 40 minutes.  Coming back, we unfortunately hit prime time rush hour traffic which it took us TWO hours to get home.
  • We bought a stockpile of diapers from the Amazon warehouse (this should last us for a good while) since DH is going back to work and the warehouse is currently only open on weekdays.  I bought a nursing top from marketplace too; haggled from $15 to $12.  I also bought a new three-pack from Amazon last week.  I have more than one nursing top now! 🙂
  • We weighed the baby at home and she’s 13.6 lbs now!! :O  We ran out of size 1 diapers and opened the next box, but it turns out that the Pampers brand makes the size 1s a bit small, so we have moved up to size 2 now.  Size 2!
  • The baby continues to be a potato.  She sleep soo well.  She has healthy lungs and can cry quite loudly when it is time for a feed and I don’t get to her quickly enough.
  • The baby is sucking her fingers a lot and likes to shove them all into her mouth (like three of them haha).
  • March 29:  The toddler started feeling unwell on Monday: super lethargic and coughing.  She slept away through most of the day, which is very unusual for her.  She barely ate anything and was not her usual talkative lively self either.  In a way, it gave us a bit of a break.  It was also DH’s first day back to work (remotely).
  • DH found a small egg dye kit (for Easter) at Shoppers Drug Mart which we were able to use to dye some eggs red (or pink, really) to celebrate the baby’s 100 days.  Happy 100 days, baby girl! ^_^  (Got a cake bag from Metro and the cake was a bar cake, also rectangular like the one that the firstborn had for her 100 days celebration.  What a coincidence!)
  • I took some photos of the baby with the pink eggs.  The photoshoot was simple and not elaborate and I didn’t photograph them with her chunky legs like I did with the firstborn (🤷‍♀️ no time).
  • I registered in some virtual EarlyON programs for the toddler to partake in.  She was still tired and a bit unwell, but those songs and seeing the children and facilitators on the screen helped to break up the day.
  • The toddler was well enough to take some photos with us for the baby’s 100 days, but then was unwell and lethargic today again :(.
  • It’s so funny/amusing seeing the side-by-side comparisons of the babies in the milestone photos.  The firstborn looked so meek and afraid in her 100 day old photos whereas the secondborn looks so strong and confident at 100 days.
  • Been slacking in my daily diary writing again.. been so tired at night that I don’t pick up the pen to write but also been a bit deterred because my usual pen has run out of ink and the extra pens in my side table all ran out of ink too and I haven’t had time to find working pens yet.

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  1. Susan says:

    Sorry the bird pooped on you.

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