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Counting my blessings

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been and how come my blog posts come in bursts and then silence, it’s because I’ve been attending to my other passion in life: steno work! 😀 In the past 10 days or so, … Continue reading

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Sending photos is so easy these days!

Pet peeve: People who don’t send you photos after an event or vacation or activity or whatever and especially when you know they’re not busy, have easy access to a smartphone and the photos are

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Weather in April 2018

It’s never been about us. We forget that we live in Mother Nature’s world on Planet Earth. We’ve spent decades up to this point hoarding and using her clean water resources,

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My Year in Review: 2017

December 31, 2017:  I look forward to writing this post every single year since I’ve started the annual one and I’ve honestly so excited to share with you my thoughts on this very last day of 2017.  I’ve been ruminating … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Fish Ladder in Port Hope, Ontario

October 8, 2017:  Three years ago, I visited Port Hope in Ontario to watch the annual fall salmon run.  It was my first time watching these majestic creatures defy gravity and jump through rushing water and channels in order to … Continue reading

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Robin’s Nest and Robin Babies Outside my Front Door

Back in May of this year, I had the pleasure to witness a robin’s nest come to life with robin eggs and babies that grew up and later flew away.  I had only seen robin eggs and robin babies in … Continue reading

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Thank you Maiu for nominating me and thank you to Dear Kitty for creating this award.  This is the first blog award I’ve received and it’s a pleasure to connect with other fellow bloggers in this cyber community. 🙂 I happily … Continue reading

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