Pandemic 2020 Delivery Eats: Korean Fried Chicken from Mr. ChiMaek

Mr. ChiMaek fried chicken

Mr. ChiMaek located at 7665 Kennedy Rd, Markham

November 15, 2020:  Mr. ChiMaek located on Kennedy Road near 14th Avenue in Markham specializes in Korean fried chicken.  It’s one of the few Korean fried chicken restaurants in Markham actually.  The Fry and MyMyChicken are both squarely in the Toronto area.

On this rainy evening, Continue reading

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Pandemic 2020 Takeout Eats: Pizza Hut

 Triple Crown from Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut located at 1480 Major Mackenzie Drive East, Richmond Hill

November 1, 2020.

Less than a week after the recent pizza takeout order, I was craving pizza again.  I guess I just didn’t get enough pizza that first round. :9

This time, because we were already in the area and I had always wanted to try pizza from Pizza Hut for the first time in a long time, Continue reading

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Pandemic 2020 Delivery Eats: Pizzaiolo


Pizzaiolo (Richmond Hill) located at 115 York Boulevard, Richmond Hill

October 26, 2020.

The pizza craving came up again.  This time, the husband suggested a new pizza spot called Pizzaiolo.  Apparently, it is a chain already popular in the downtown Toronto area, but I hadn’t heard of it before.  Continue reading

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Why this year has been great

Copied and pasted from: Continue reading

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My Birth Story

 labour selfie in hospital bed

Selfie as we waited for labour to progress and for our baby to arrive

October 31, 2020:  I’m currently more than a month out from giving birth and I know I better write this story now before I forget any more of it.

(Warning:  Long read ahead.  Grab a cup of cocoa and get comfy :).)

My labour symptoms started on the Monday evening after dinner when I was relaxing in the glider in the living room.  I was 38 weeks and one day pregnant.  I was sitting there and felt some cramps.  They felt like light period cramps.  My regular periods are usually painless without painful cramps so this slight cramping stood out to me.  Continue reading

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As we’re rounding the week 6 mark, I can finally say I’m getting more used to this new life and new normal.  The past several weeks have all been about the feeding, pumping milk, changing diapers, keeping her satisfied, and sleeping well.  It’s been an adjustment to say the least.  I can surrender to the fact that all I’m expected to do nowadays is just look after her.  It’s not hard or stressful.. yet.  Continue reading

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When it’s difficult to put baby to sleep by herself

Copied and pasted and published here for future reference/memories: Continue reading

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1 month baby

And just like that, the newborn stage is gone. She turned 1 month two days ago. 😭 Continue reading

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I haven’t even been a mom for a full month yet but reading this passage hit me really hard and left me with Continue reading

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Pandemic 2020 Takeout Eats: Hai Tang Cafe & Takeout

Hai Tang Cafe & Takeout takeout spread

Hai Tang Cafe & Takeout located at 38 Buttonfield Rd in Markham

July 1, 2020:  For dinner for the long weekend holiday, we decided to get takeout from a local Chinese restaurant which has recently become a favourite for us over the past couple of months.

The first blog post I wrote about Hai Tang Cafe & Takeout was in 2015 (which you can read here).  Since that visit, I have visited them a number of times both for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner.  Those visits ranged from typical Hong Kong style cafe food to beloved favourite dishes to occasional Continue reading

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