Northern Chinese Cuisine at Northern Dumpling Kitchen

Northern Dumpling Kitchen leek pancakes

Northern Dumpling Kitchen located at 550 York Regional Rd 7 in Richmond Hill

April 12, 2018:  This was a substandard lunch. :/

After an early day of work for me, my mom and I headed to Times Square at Leslie and Hwy 7 for lunch.  We picked Northern Dumpling Kitchen 興隆軒 as we noticed through the restaurant windows that there were so many customers dining inside!  If a place is packed for a random Thursday lunch time, it must be Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

Restaurant L’Avenue line up

Restaurant L’Avenue, Montreal. August 2017

When I think of “lines”, I think of line-ups and usually the line-ups I have to wait in are those to eat in a restaurant.  If a restaurant is popular and not just because it’s trendy — it’s because it’s actually good quality food and doesn’t take reservations — there will likely be a line outside its doors from the moment it opens business to when they close their doors (or when they run out of food, whichever comes first). Continue reading

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Yummy Sichuan Food at Do Eat Chinese Restaurant

Do Eat Chinese Restaurant located at 550 Hwy 7 in Richmond Hill

April 10, 2018: I had such an amazing dinner here that was so fitting for my taste buds! 😀  Every month at a certain time time of the month no matter how hard I try to eat clean and more veggies, I have an intense craving for salty and MSG-laded foods or fried food.

It was the end of a workday and even though I wasn’t massively hungry, I knew I wanted to eat out for some savory food.  We arrived at Do Eat Chinese Restaurant Continue reading

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Cheese HK Style Egg Waffles at Eggette Hut

Eggette Hut

Eggette Hut located at 3255 Highway 7, Unit 36B in Markham

April 8, 2018:  We swung by First Markham Place and tried the HK style egg waffles from Eggette Hut (蛋仔蜜語)!  I knew this place was new when I passed by it in January of this year and at that time the hype hadn’t hit the Instagram feeds yet.

For a Sunday afternoon, they were very busy and it took 10 minutes to wait for our egglette to be ready.

Eggette Hut is an exclusive HK style waffle house with a few drinks on their menu to serve up a la carte or as a Continue reading

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Social Fundraiser at VR ZONE Virtual Reality Arcade

VR ZONE Virtual Reality Arcade

VR ZONE Virtual Reality Arcade located at 7181 Yonge St Unit 31 in Markham

April 8, 2018:  This was my second time playing in a virtual reality experience (the first time at the Gentlemen’s Expo).  The Toronto Trillium Lions had organized this social fundraiser at the VR ZONE Virtual Reality Arcade located at Shops on Yonge to raise money for Doctors without Borders.  It was a great event to spread word about this charity and also have a social activity involving Continue reading

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Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine at The Pho Restaurant

The Pho Restaurant logo

The Pho Restaurant located at 11 Fairburn Dr, Unit 16-17 in Markham

April 7, 2018:  I had heard about this Vietnamese restaurant, The Pho Restaurant, both through my mom’s classmates and also via Instagram where foodies boasted that the food was authentic.  I was very curious to try this place.  The first time I tried to come here was on an Easter Monday and they were actually closed and I didn’t know they were closed until we arrived (at which point we also saw a few other cars of people leave in disappointment because they were there for the same Continue reading

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Hainanese Chicken Rice at Eat Jackpot

 Eat Jackpot Hainanese Chicken Rice

Eat Jackpot located at 318 Spadina Ave in Toronto

April 6, 2018:  After the Green Living Show, Priscilla and I headed to Eat Jackpot for a late dinner.  Upon arriving, I immediately recognized it as the former Lucky Red restaurant. I hadn’t known that they had closed and Eat Jackpot had taken over.  I had known about Eat Jackpot thanks to an Instagram media event in the past year where they had a special “floating noodles” dish that was plastered all over the feeds.   Continue reading

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