Brunch at Elephant Coffee Grind

Elephant Grind Coffee Chicken and Waffles

Elephant Grind Coffee located at 10 East Wilmot St, Unit 7 in Richmond Hill

March 2, 2019:  “A new brunch place uptown!!!” is a phrase that gets everyone excited because it is true.  “It’s about time that Markham/Richmond Hill has more good brunch spots” is another common phrase after discovering that Elephant Coffee Grind has opened. 😛  Continue reading

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Sitting at the Chefs Table for Dinner at Richmond Station

 Richmond Station food

Richmond Station located at 1 Richmond St W in Toronto

March 1, 2019:  I returned to Richmond Station for a meal!  The first and last time I came here was actually in 2013, six years ago!  That was at the very start of my food blogging adventure and I actually read my blog post again before I had this dinner just to see what I had had previously.  I knew that the Station Burger was something that I had promised myself to try on my next visit since I didn’t have it the first time.  Indeed, that was what I ordered on this visit!

Calling to make a reservation for dinner at Richmond Station was not easy.  When I called Continue reading

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Yunshang Rice Noodle in North York

Yunshang Rice Noodle North York

Yunshang Rice Noodle located at 5285 Yonge St in North York

February 24, 2019:   There are so many Chinese noodle restaurants in the GTA now!  I can’t keep up with them (nor do I want to).  It just so happened that we were this area of North York and looking for lunch when we dined at Yunshang Rice Noodle (云尚过桥米线).   (“Yunshang” translates to “above the clouds”.)  Apparently, this was a brand new restaurant (they still had so many of the Chinese flower signs Continue reading

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Detox Massage at Hue Spa Detox Clinic

Hue Spa Detox Clinic storefront

Hue Spa Detox Clinic located at 70 Finch Ave E in North York

February 24, 2019:  Here goes a really long and detailed blog post about my experience visiting Hue Spa Detox Clinic for the first time.  I was staying in the North York area and planned to get a massage for the next day.  Thus, on the night before, I went on Groupon to search up massage deals for nearby massage parlours.  I noticed that Hue Spa Detox Clinic was nearby and called them to see if Continue reading

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En Sushi in Brampton

 En Sushi storefront

En Sushi located at 7694 Hurontario St in Brampton

February 23, 2019:  After visiting a wedding expo in Mississauga, we ended up at En Sushi for some sustenance.  En Sushi is an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant in a plaza where another buffet, “Wok of Fame”, is located.  We arrived right at 3:10 p.m. wherein the server asked us if we wanted to partake in their lunch buffet or the dinner buffet option.  (Their lunch buffet option ends at Continue reading

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First depo with a videographer

And also the first time we were on the record until 6:30pm. #tired but very much awake because Continue reading

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Shopping for Rental Wedding Dresses in the GTA

I was meaning to write this blog post after I finally selected and finalized my wedding dress last weekend but didn’t get a chance to, so here goes:  (Scroll down to the middle of the blog for the summary bullet points)

I had it in my mind a while ago that I wanted to rent my wedding dress instead of buy a brand new one after hearing about a friend years ago who rented hers along with all of the evening gowns that she got for her wedding.  I thought, “What a smart Continue reading

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