It’s the Cat’s Meow Cafe

Located at 138 Robinson St in Markham

Betty and I visited a cafe that we have long wanted to go to now called It’s The Cat’s Meow Cafe.  This very small but cozy cafe is located on Main Street Markham and just two shops down from Rawlicious.

Very quickly after walking in, you understand why it is called It’s The Cat’s Meow — there are cat figurines, stuffed cats, cat mugs, cat display, and cat toys all over the place.  Since we visited in December, they also were very nicely decorated with lots of Christmas decorations and even equipped with a little ‘town’ full of Christmas houses and people.

Looking from the second floor down

The very neatly-printed menu that reminds me of schoolteachers’ writing

The cafe itself is very small.  You walk in and the counter is also a ice-cream station.  The menu items are written in marker on the left wall.  It’s also a family-style restaurant where it seems to be run by a senior couple.  We placed our orders at the counter, received our drinks, and walked up the small flight of stairs to the second level which overlooked the cafe.  This is where you see many more cat decor.  It was very quaint and cozy.


Love their decor!

The ‘pussy cat’ (regular) mug of hot chocolate I got was very good.  It definitely didn’t taste like the instant ones you get from Tim Hortons.  Their hot chocolate actually tasted like real chocolate and sugar.  It was very warming to start off the meal with this. 🙂

Hot Chocolate – Pussy Cat (Regular). $1.50

Butternut Squash Soup

I ordered the sandwich and soup combo for $11.50.  I chose the butternut squash and the peameal sandwich.

My butternut squash arrived first and came in a surprisingly big and deep bowl.  Unfortunately, the hot soup was quite thin and watery as opposed to creamy and thick butternut squash that you would usually expect.

My peameal sandwich arrived on a nice thick plate with some coleslaw on the side.  The coleslaw was crunchy, fresh, and made with just the right dressing. 🙂

Peameal Sandwich with soup combo. $11.50

The peameal sandwich was good.  It was like comfort food to me.  At least three or four slices of juicy and meaty peameal bacon were sandwiched between two pieces of pillow-soft bread.  It was so comforting to eat this.  There was also mustard and sweet onion in it (the cook had considerately asked me before making it if these condiments were okay with my sandwich).

Betty ordered the two eggs, toast, and coffee set.  Sunny-side up eggs for her. 🙂

All Day Breakfast – 2 eggs, toast, and coffee. $5.25

Cozy cafe close to Main Street, Markham

This is such a cute and cozy cafe.  I would love to visit again in the summer to see how their decor changes!

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