Product Review: Lumiere De Vie Volcanic Exfoliating Mask

Lumiere de Vie Exfoliating Volcanic Mask

Wow!  I currently have on the Lumiere De Vie Exfoliating Mask on my face after a long day and it feels incredible!  (I won’t show you a picture because it looks like I am Edna the witch or Elphaba from Wicked, haha).

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Lumiere De Vie Exfoliating Mask is made up of:  

  • PerfectionPeptide P3™ (unique, technologically-advanced tripeptide that promotes natural exfoliation of dead skin cells),
  • Pumice (very fine powder that provides natural mineral exfoliating),
  • Allantoin (anti-irritant properties which helps to protect and soothe your skin),
  • Sweet Almond Oil (excellent skin conditioning agent),
  • (Olive) Fruit Oil (rich in antioxidants and fatty acids),
  • Oat (hydrates the skin and supports firmness, skin tone, and elasticity)

Most importantly, it helps with anti-aging and beautiful skin!  If you want to look younger with less fine lines, wrinkles, and have baby smooth skin, you should try out this product!  It goes on flawlessly so you only have to use your fingers to smooth out the application.  (For more controlled application, you can also use a foundation brush!)  It feels a bit tingly and tight after 10 minutes and that’s when you can remove the mask.  It smells great and washes cleanly off your face.  When washing, wet your fingers to exfoliate the skin with the remnants of the mask first!

I can’t believe I didn’t try this sooner!  I love this exfoliating mask! ^_^

Here are some testimonials from people all over the world who love this exfoliating mask and their results!

@thera.macie says: “Enjoying my Lumiere volcanic mask ! Feels great and does a wonderful job of exfoliating :)”


@beautybycindyaz says: “You can totally see the Difference on the side that I had mask on! … You won’t regret!


@shira_girl says: “My skin feels so soft! #facialparty #beforeduringafter


@nancytran89 says: “Pampering skin on a #FridayNight! #Baby #SoftSkin


@kdc12317 says: “Everyone who knows me knows that makeup is a big part of my life… But what’s bigger than makeup???… Skincare!!! Taking care of your skin is so important. Although skin care and makeup go hand in hand… At the end of the day when you wash your makeup off what are you left with? Your skin. So be good to it!… I’ve always had problem skin growing up and that’s how I came to love makeup. It covered my problematic skin. But little did I know I was doing more harm than good. When you have great skin… You don’t need to hide behind makeup. So I switched to good for your skin makeup and started taking care of my skin. Now I can say…that as much as I love makeup… I love my skin even more. I don’t need makeup. I can be without it and still feel comfortable and confident. And the best part? When you have good skin your makeup looks better!!!… So find a skin care that works for you… For me, I use lumiere de vie… Love this stuff!


@melodymakeup86 says, “I’m so grateful for my @lumieredevieofficial Volcanic Exfoliating Mask!!  I got a horrible allergic reaction to an antibiotic and resulted in a rash/bumps all over my face and chest. I’ve been religiously taking my isotonix digestive enzymes and Ultimate aloe drink, along with doing the mask and #lumieredevie serum concentrate. I’m so happy to have all these amazing life changing products!”


@urmakeupgenie says: “Lumière De Vie Volcanic ash exfoliating mask for clearer & smoother skin


@shopmzmarket says: “#Beauty #Tips: #Exfoliating your #face at least once or twice a week for #smoother and #clearer #skin. A lot of people, especially both women + men don’t know that exfoliating their skin is a BIG help to a #healthier and #younger looking #skin! I’m so excited to share with everyone my #NEW #FAVORITE face mask by @lumieredevieofficial called Volcanic Exfoliating Mask. It’s very refreshing and gives your skin that #perfect #glow.”


@mrdl1982 says: “Weekly VOLCANIC Regimen:  Once to twice a week. I apply this Exfoliating Mask. Learned that the older you get, the skin exfoliates itself less until it eventually stops. A lot of people, especially men don’t know that exfoliating their skin is a big help to a healthier and younger skin.  I ain’t getting any younger, thankfully I can still pass as a 25 year old!


@xxmashopxx says: “Lumiere de Vie Volcanic Exfoliating Mask


@kittybella1 says:  “this photo will self destruct in 5..4..3..2..1 😂😂😂.  Me and mom are starting out Saturday with our beauty regimen. Right now we are using lumiére De Vie exfoliating volcanic mask.  Promotes healthy cell renewal for fresher more vibrant skin.  Hydrates and reduced the appearance of fine lines and skin imperfections.  I use this mask 2-3 times a week for camera ready skin.


@sxypan says: “Have fun & enjoy life 😉😘 #happysunday


@seherstudio says: “Day 1: Using my #LumeireDeVie #VolcanicExfoliatingMask on my face. So far so good.


@alexisderks says: “Time for another tube(:


@francescamuartistry says: “Spa time Lumiere De Vie Volcanic Exfoliating Mask … time to pamper yourself with luxury.


Try your Lumiere de Vie Volcanic Exfoliating Mask today!

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