Traiteur Saveur d’Asie (Paris, France)

Traiteur Saveur d'Asie

Traiteur Saveur d’Asie located at 145 Rue Saint-Dominique 75007 Paris, France

It was the last full day in France for us!  We had lunch in a Chinese canteen-style (fast casual) restaurant called Traiteur Saveur d’Asie where you could pick which dishes you wanted and they were priced per 100 grams or per piece.  We chose several dishes plus noodles and rice to share together.  

This ended to be a great idea since the Chinese food (while catering to the Western folk) actually tasted very good and we all enjoyed it.

Traiteur Saveur d'Asie food

Gorgeous display of Chinese food

Traiteur Saveur d'Asie food

So many choices!

Traiteur Saveur d'Asie seating

There was seating available

Traiteur Saveur d'Asie food

A collage of the close-up photos of food that we got

The satay chicken skewers were the best; so chunky and not too heavy in seasoning.  These were so satisfying to eat.  Brochettes de poulet au saté:

Brochettes de poulet au saté

Brochettes de poulet au saté
(Chicken skewers with satay)

The chow mein (Noodles with Vegetables) was also yummy and soft.

Sweet and Sour Pork, Noodles with Vegetables, Fried Rice with Roast Pork

Sweet and Sour Pork, Noodles with Vegetables, Fried Rice with Roast Pork

The sweet and sour pork was great as well as the vegetables — so simple and tasty.  Brocolis sautés aux légumes:

Brocolis sautés aux légumes

Brocolis sautés aux légumes
(Broccoli mixed with vegetables)

Surprisingly, we were all really full from sharing the dishes.  Yay!

Food from Traiteur Saveur d'Asie


There were a lot of customers dining in too after we appeared. 😀

Traiteur Saveur d'Asie entrance

Traiteur Saveur d’Asie entrance

Traiteur Saveur d'Asie storefront



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