Touhenboku Cafe [Defunct]

Touhenboku Cafe millie crepe cake

Touhenboku Cafe located at 142 Main St., Unionville

What a surprise it was to see that there was a Touhenboku Cafe while strolling down Main Street Unionville yesterday!  I didn’t know that in addition to the ramen restaurants that Touhenboku had opened up (one on Queen Street West and one in Richmond Hill) that they had an individual cafe shop too!  I couldn’t resist walking in to check out what it was about. 🙂  (Apparently, according to their Facebook page, they only opened a few months ago this summer.)

The outside of Touhenboku Cafe was really cute and it was situated in one of the picturesque houses that are characteristic of Main Street Unionville.  There was a large patio outside too and a sign that simply asked if you wanted some hot tea, hot chocolate, or coffee.  That couldn’t have been it, I thought, and I’m so glad we went in to check it out. 🙂

Touhenboku Cafe patio

How Touhenboku Cafe looked from the outside

Inside the shop, they served hot and cold drinks and desserts!  They have a small section for dine-in but there were really only a few armchairs and a counter area — quite small, so don’t bank on there always being space when you go to dine in.

Touhenboku Cafe tiramisu and cheesecake

Their tiramisu and cheesecake

Touhenboku Cafe matcha cheesecake

Their matcha cheesecake

We ordered a small hot chocolate, espresso, and a slice of millie crepe cake in vanilla to share.  It was too bad they didn’t have it in matcha and didn’t have the matcha cheesecake either..  They were sold out of that already.

Touhenboku Cafe interior

Limited seating inside

Touhenboku Cafe interior

It was really modern and cute inside

We took a seat outside on the patio — it was a tad chilly but really lovely to enjoy the autumn colours outside.  When our orders were ready, the servers brought them out for us.

Touhenboku Cafe patio

View from the patio

The small hot chocolate was larger than I expected!  It was in a tall mug and tasted like regular hot chocolate.

 Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate (small). $3.55

Kenneth’s espresso was covered with a semi-espresso art.  I say semi- because I couldn’t make out what exactly was on top of the cream. XD 😛



vanilla millie crepe cake

Vanilla Millie Crepe Cake. $5.50

The slice of vanilla millie crepe cake was smaller than the ones I’ve had before.  I actually wondered if their millie crepe cakes were made in-house or whether they were made and delivered from Millie Creperie.  The cream was just as light as I remembered but the layers of crepes were not as smooth and as overly amazing as I remembered when I had the millie crepe cakes from Millie Creperie last time.  I guess this was Touhenboku’s own version.  It was still good to be able to try it though!  🙂

This was such a cozy and cute little cafe to relax at.  I can imagine that during the warmer weather and summer months that they are very popular.  (They have free wifi too.)

 Touhenboku Cafe

Their sign that alerted me to their existence on Main Street Unionville!

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