Don Vegan Restaurant in Quebec City

For dinner on our first night in Quebec City, we opted for a vegan meal.  I love the creativity that goes into making any recipe into a meat-free one and it’s always beneficial to include more vegetables in your diet!

Don Vegan Restaurant was one of the restaurants that popped up when we searched Google Maps for vegan restaurants in Quebec City.  We called the restaurant before we headed there but they informed us that the next available table wasn’t until 9 p.m.  Since it was still early in the night (5 p.m.), we decided to try our luck and stop by anyway (since we were already in the area) to see if we would be able to get a table.

We arrived at Don Vegan just before 6 p.m. and the hostess was all smiles when we arrived.  She was so friendly and maintained the same friendliness throughout the whole night to all incoming guests.  It was so heart-warming to see and a huge bonus to the service.  She offered us a seat at the bar which we were happy to take.  I love bar seats since you can watch the bartender make drinks all night long.

The menu consisted of starters, main courses, and desserts — all vegan of course.  There were a plethora of wines, cocktails, beers, mocktails too.

I chose the Kombucha from the Fous de I’île brand in apple and ginger.  It was refreshing but not too fizzy like the kombucha that I had at the Toe Beans Cat Cafe, for example.  I like how the kombucha was poured from the glass bottom into a wine glass for me.  It made the drink look so much more sophisticated. 😀

Ken tried the Daura Damm gluten-free beer.  It tasted interesting.

We had two mains (if the starters were slightly more interesting or unique, I would have been tempted to try those but we were actually still full from our big lunch just a few hours ago).

The Bourguignon Stew ($23) had jack fruit, root vegetables, mushrooms, red wine sauce, and served on mashed potatoes.  It was a very hearty and comforting dish.  The mashed potatoes were so smooth and delicious on its own.  When paired with the “stew” that was saucy, it was another level of goodness.  I especially liked the mushrooms and how the carrots were cooked to a softness level that made it taste like soft yams.  You definitely will get full from this dish but not feel bloated because there’s no meat.

The Duo Caesar Salad and Spaghetti Bolognese ($20) came on an oblong plate with each item plated separately from another.  It looked a little juvenile actually XD.  It was basically a half Caesar salad and half spaghetti with textured vegetable protein, lentils, tomatoes, onions, celery, carrots peppers with almond ricotta.  The Caesar Salad had romaine lettuce, maple bacon tofu, vegan parmesan, vegan caesar dressing, and croutons.  I liked the maple bacon tofu especially.  The croutons were airy and puffy and tasted like they might have been gluten free.

For dessert, we had the Peanut Butter Ice Cream ($8)!  This was so good.  I liked the presentation of it too.  There was a generous scoop of vegan peanut butter ice cream with two banana halves on the side.  The texture of the peanut butter ice cream was grainy but smooth.  It’s kind of hard to describe.  You really have to taste it for yourself to try.  I believe this was my very first time eating vegan ice cream! 😀

Sitting at the bar meant that we were able to watch all of the drinks ordered that night being made by the very capable and skilled bartender.  There was also a Christmas movie being played on the flat screen TV too.  There were so many patrons dining there that night.  I’m so glad that we were able to get a table without making a reservation.  I definitely recommend this vegan restaurant if you are in Quebec City.

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