Week 24 baby

Baby head spiral and bald spot

Photo showing her new spiral! (You can also still see her bald spot)

Week 24: 

  • Mar 6. I am so emotionally exhausted. Could it be as an introvert that I’m so much more sensitive to social interactions even with my own child that I need even more me time than before? Pretty sure the answer is “yes”.
  • Noticed that she has a spiral in the back of her head now!  Brand new hair spiral 🙂
  • She started to transfer a toy from one hand to another!! That’s a big development checklist item! 🙂
  • While napping in her crib, she woke up and started playing by herself. All normal until I noticed on the Nanit camera that she had turned a full 90 degrees where her feet faced the side (even when fully swaddled)! I let her be and by the time I went to pick her up, she had turned another 90 degrees. She had completely flipped to the other side from where we had left her. And she did this all while in a swaddle! Imagine how much more she would have moved in the crib if she wasn’t sleeping in it. 😮
  • Also too when doing tummy time, she can shift and move from one side to another.
  • Her legs and pinches are so strong and painful.  She nipped daddy in the arm and it was so painful that he actually yelped out in pain!
  • She lets daddy trim her fingernails when she’s awake now.  Usually grandma does this when she’s asleep only.
  • She tends to stare intently at people more than before.
  • I read up on Leap 5 and this is when they’re more sensitive to details and things around them than before.  This means that they get distracted when feeding (which is true), doesn’t like it when the caregiver leaves the room (kinda), and likes details like zippers more than before.
  • It’s been really tough trying to get her to sleep for naps these days.  She wakes up easily when in the crib on her own.  Mar 7:  Daddy had to hold her for both naps during the day for her to stay sleeping, which is so exhausting for him.
  • She suddenly started getting startled at the most ordinary sounds.. like the oven going off, closing the water kettle top, a squeaky toy that she moved on her own, or her own fart.. :/
  • She fits in the six month clothes now with just a little wiggle room for her toes.  I can’t believe she’s already almost six months and her clothes are not going to fit her again soon.  We don’t have many 6 to 9 month old months yet.  I guess it’s time for me to browse Facebook marketplace for such clothes again…
  • I’m so tired of pumping that I honestly don’t like to pump four times or more in a day.  But I know I need to. 😭 I’m so tired (emotionally and physically) of sitting there at my pumping station and pumping.
  • Nowadays when she doesn’t like something, she cries out. She’ll stop crying after being picked up.
  • She’s arching her back so much and getting ready to roll from back to belly (can’t wait).
  • She’s been able to stretch out her feeds to 2 or 3 hours during the day now. She used to be so prompt and ask for (cough for) milk every hour on the dot.
  • When daddy looks after her for a long stretch, she doesn’t “recognize” or respond much to grandma. When I or grandma look after her for a long stretch, she doesn’t recognize daddy. 😂
  • She had a long stretch of about 6 days of no poops… 😦 She used to be so good about pooping every morning and late afternoon twice daily. Every since I had mastitis and took antibiotics, she hadn’t had daily regular poops. Daddy worries when she doesn’t poop for 3 days or more. This is something we need to ask the pediatrician at the next checkup visit.
  • My trigger finger is on and off these days. The epsom salt hot bath seems to work sometimes but isn’t a surefire method to heal it.
  • Now that massage parlours are officially open again due to the less restricted lockdown, I want to get massages again but am afraid of getting mastitis from laying on the bed again. I even Googled those massage beds with breast cutouts for prenatal massages but it’s probably a bit frivolous for me to get one lol. My favourite massage place is too “Asian” for them to carry these massage beds. Not enough clients with these needs for them to require these. Aka not enough clients with company insurance to do prenatal massages here for it to be worth it for them. Not their target clientele.
  • Because of Leap 5, the way she looks at old objects seems like it’s all new to her.
  • She is so tall now; pretty much half the height of grandma (!)
  • Mar 9: She understands completely when I start counting down from 15 that tummy time is almost done. She literally stops crying and waits for the countdown to be over.
  • She can do tummy time for 15 minutes at one time now!
  • She’s started to put her index finger and middle finger together in like a “two” gesture sign for some reason.
  • She has started to swing her legs up and to the side. She is comfortable laying on her side this way. The flipping is imminent.
  • So glad hubby sleeps so soundly. It means even though I sleep late, it doesn’t disturb his sleep or ability to fall back asleep when woken up.
  • She had a big dinner and slept for nearly 5 hours straight before waking up for some milk!! That’s a record.
  • She loves “standing up” but it means I can only do a few rounds of it before my arms get tired from lifting her up.
  • Why do I feel more exhausted now than during the first two months postpartum?
  • Surprised my first postpartum period lasted exactly 4 days and stopped completely. No spotting over a few days afterwards at all.
  • Started a new hack this week: when it’s time for me to pump but I’m not able to yet, I use a haakaa on both sides (like in the morning when I wake up and need to attend to something first before I can sit down for the full hour to pump). Then when I’m done whatever I need to do, I pump after. This helps me remove milk faster than waiting to pump. More efficient in terms of time. I find more milk is removed in general too. I feel so “well emptied”.
  • The left side definitely makes more milk now than before.
  • I use the 24mm flange consistently now. When my nipple bled the other day and I switched back to 27mm momentarily, I felt the 皮痛 (“skin pain”) even though I still had lots of milk coming out. This means for sure that the 27mm is not the right size and that 24mm is. I’ve also started to use coconut oil consistently again. It helps so much.
  • Mar 10. She did 20 minutes’ worth of tummy time in one session!! That’s the most so far. In total per day, she can do up to 30 minutes.

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