25 week baby

Week 25:

  • Mar 12: This week she’s started not enjoying being on her back as much (thus not really caring for the play gym). She cries when on her back.
  • Instead, she loves being held straight up or sitting and even on tummy time.
  • It’s so hard for me to get her to sleep other than passing out with the bottle. I just can’t rock her to sleep like her daddy does.
  • Got 3 free bigger Dr Brown bottles from the “buy nothing” group. Yay. I’ve been giving out so much stuff that it feels nice to get something back that I need. I love the community feel of these groups.
  • The Kirkland Costco diapers that she’s in now are size 2 which goes to 18lbs only. The next size up is size 3 for 16lbs and up. We have 1 sleeve and 1 full box of size 2 diapers left before we have to buy. Perhaps the next box we’ll get is size 3. But then again she’s not growing like a weed in terms of weight; more so in length though.
  • She’s really pinching us hard these days. She’ll squeeze and pinch so hard it makes all of us wince in pain.
  • She’s been sticking out her little tongue and licking things that come close to her mouth. But she’s not bringing things to her mouth with her hands just yet.
  • Next week she will be 6 months old!! 😮
  • Love that sometimes at night she’ll wake up with a shout and then go back to sleep on her own. It doesn’t have to be a shout but the fact that she can actually play for 10 mins or so and fall back asleep is amazing.
  • We took her on a quick 10 minute walk today to get some fresh air. It was windy but sunny outside. Surprised she didn’t pass out in the stroller.
  • The past week, she has started to feed every 2 or 3 hrs. She doesn’t ask for milk every hour anymore.
  • Many times it seems like she understands what we’re saying but lacks the ability to respond back.
  • Her little voice — when she does utter — is the cutest.
  • We actually never took her out this past winter for snowfall photos. This little one was born autumn 2020 but never even saw snow yet lol.. Her first snow will have to be in 2021. #missedout #lockdownlife
  • My milk continues to be super greasy and thick.
  • Mar 13: She did 25 mins of tummy time! New record.
  • She’s pooping every 2 days or so..
  • She’s not grabbing toys much or has any big interest in them.
  • Mar 15: In addition to her puffy chipmunk like cheeks, she has rosy pink cheeks now too 😊.
  • Her hair is much longer now! There are shades of black from the back because of the layers.
  • When does the postpartum hair loss stop? I’ve been losing so many hairs.. I could be sitting there and hairs will fall onto my shirt. I’ll peel them off and in another half hour, I’ll have freshly fallen hairs again…
  • She watches us eat intently. When I hold a spoonful of something to her, she actually opened her mouth a few times.
  • 14.55lbs ish according to our scale st home.
  • Mar 16: She was “talking” so much during dinner time! She kept putting her foot up on the kitchen table from her seat in the high chair 😅
  • She said “ah ba” several more times now. She’s clearly trying to repeat “ba ba” and enunciating the “buuh” sound
  • She cried so inconsolably before bedtime. She had some more milk and just before I tried to hold her, she projectile vomited. It lasted about two to three seconds… This was the most amount of milk she’s thrown up. 😦 Sad for her to be in so much pain (gas trapped) but also my milks!! My supply is low these days again. I’m barely making 700ml a day. 😥
  • With that said, she tried to give her some forumla but she refused. !!
  • So now what to do? We could gradually get her to the taste of forumla by mixing breastmilk with forumla bit by bit (assuming I’m not going to keep up my supply for her at this rate…). Or I’m hoping when she starts on solids next week that she will fill up on cereals and rice/congee items that my breastmilk will continue to be enough..
  • She can sleep with both arms out of the sleep sack now. She raises both arms on the side like a victory sign. It’s so cute.
  • Mar 17: She sat up unassisted for several seconds today!! Yay!!! So glad to see some progress!
  • When I hold her these days, she clings to me like a koala bear would. ^_^
  • My fingernails have been growing consistently fast like during pregnancy. It’s a bit annoying actually to have to cut my nails so often.
  • I read online that the “talking” that baby does before she sleeps is a normal milestone thing.
  • When she does tummy time these days, she likes to spread her arms wide and move on her belly. This is also a milestone event; she is working her muscles and initializing the muscles needed for crawling!
  • Her baby giggles today came in the form of watching me finish off a box carton of Vitasoy. She was so giggly and cute.
  • We had had some fried lobster accompanied with some fried garlic bits. The garlic was so strong that my farts smelled of garlic…. and bb’s poops also smelled of it. I didn’t realize food would be so traceable to even baby’s poops! (Via my breastmilk).
  • The baby we’ve been watching and following along with who is a few days younger than bb just cut his first tooth! He’s also been sitting on his own unassisted for a week now. He can also sleep on his own for up to 8 hours at a time. It’s been hard not to make comparisons since they are so close in age but now the first tooth is just a big runaway in terms of comparables.

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2 Responses to 25 week baby

  1. gchan7127 says:

    Omg that’s so cool how the baby’s poop could smell like garlic through consuming your breast milk! LOL.

    Hopefully the postpartum hair loss will stop soon (if it hasn’t already). I lost so much hair last year due to my autoimmune condition acting up. It’s growing out now, but it’s so old that I have hair randomly shooting out from the middle of my head! Haha.

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