Week 50 Postpartum

Back of baby on a high surface

Crawling up on furniture by herself

Week 50: 

  • Sept 2: Baby is now 18.5 lbs!
  • A few weeks ago, heard from moms who gush that their baby is a “foodie” or “likes to eat food like me” and think how ludicrous it sounds. Of course a small baby likes eating; that’s the only way it will survive! The baby is so young anyway it doesn’t distinguish between knowing to be a “foodie” or “eating to survive”.
  • Sept 3: She is growing before our eyes.. need to stop procrastinating on transcripts so I can finish my work efficiently so I can spend more time with her. She is beginning to walk by herself now. I really hope I don’t miss seeing her first steps!!! *knock on wood*
  • She used a cup for the first time by herself today to drink water. It was a chance encounter. We gave her a plastic cup to play with during dinnertime when she was fussy. She actually brought the cup to her lips and drank it. There wasn’t water inside of the cup but once DH saw her sipping, he poured some water in. She ended up drinking the water herself and we refilled it several times for her. She enjoys drinking water (we had been spoon feeding her sometimes).
  • She “helps” us to dress her by knowing to push her hands through the sleeves. Big helpful milestone! Less of a struggle to dress her now.
  • She enjoys fruits like oranges, papaya, bananas, kiwis. She can eat half a kiwi on most days!
  • I make so little breastmilk per session now that she gobbles it right up after it’s been pumped. I also haven’t had time to eat too much lately during meals. If I eat more again, will my milk supply come back? Or since it’s nearing the baby’s one-year-old mark, my body probably knows to start weaning soon. Every drop matters. I’ll keep pumping until there’s no more. 😭😭 It will be so bittersweet the day I no longer need to pump regularly.
  • She continues to hand us things and point at objects.
  • She still loves being read the “Not a Box” book (so much so the book is starting to break and spine weakening), but sometimes she loses interest while I’m reading and moves onto something else.
  • And speaking of which, she is so easily distracted. If she is playing with a toy and I so much as move another toy out of the way, she’ll turn her focus on that. We don’t even let her watch TV and she already has such a poor attention span.. imagine if she did watch TV? She’d be at risk of attention disorders perhaps!
  • Speaking of the TV, she knows what button to press to turn on the TV. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m the parent who allows her to play and touch anything without reason, so I still let her do things she’s not allowed to (other than when it comes to things like licking and eating things). I just let her explore and only intervene when something is unsafe.
  • She sometimes stumbles around and walks haphazardly like she’s a drunk person 🤣.
  • Sept 5: It’s been a busy two days! She dined in for the third time indoors. Thankfully she is so new and “shy” in new environments that we were shockingly able to keep her at the table for nearly 3 hours. I would never do this again, but when you have certain people who don’t understand what it’s like to keep a young infant entertained at the table for a 3-hour eating session, I guess there’s nothing else to do except be grateful she cooperates. At home, by the 20-minute mark of sitting, she would have flipped out already and been fussy and wanted to be out of her seat. We pacified her with the new objects on the table (ceramic plates and cups and never-before-seen black chopsticks with silver tips). She also loved watching and looking at the other patrons in the restaurant. It was also past her bedtime too. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • I fed her bits and bobs from my plate like spinach, melon, chicken, shrimp, fish. She loves chicken and fish.
  • So impressive that she stayed seated either in her high chair or on me or DH’s laps during that meal.
  • She met her first dog today!! This little girl loves animals, it seems. She wasn’t scared of the 4-year-old puppy at all and actually waved to him when he walked by her. She giggled and waved. So nice to see!
  • She has attitude as witnessed by another person today lol. She will smile and giggle at certain individuals and then pout and cry at others. DH has surmised that perhaps she prefers men over women. She does well with the male species and always cries or has “attitude” with the ladies lol. So interesting.
  • She waved at a stuffed monkey animal as well as a turtle. She giggles and bounces and says “hi” too. It’s so irresistible to watch.
  • She is so well-behaved in new environments. She studies the people and objects around her and plays so nicely and quietly too.
  • She loves going on the swings. The higher, the happier she is.
  • She will be one year old in just under two weeks’ time!! 😮
  • Sept 7: She’s improved on her “handing off” skill now. She knows she has to hang on to the object for a bit longer for my hand to make contact with it before she lets go. This is a skill that we take for granted as adults/kids, but a baby had to learn this. It was cute when she dropped the item before I reached it thinking that it’ll go to the right place.
  • She is a climber. She can independently climb up one of the storage boxes now and then stand and look out the window. She loves looking out the window.
  • Today, she happened to be near the basin where we keep the bottles/pump parts that need to be washed. She took out one of the bottles to play with. She looked to be in shock when the rest of the bottle fell apart (she was only holding the cap part). Little baby doesn’t know that the bottle is made up of three parts: the cap and nipple, the tube, and the bottle. So cute watching her discover this.
  • Sept 8: These days, if she falls asleep in the stroller and we bring her back into the house, she can stay asleep for another hour or so.
  • She enjoys climbing the stairs and can reach the top with our support.
  • Grandma said she was able to take two steps on her own!! She sometimes charges right at me. She can stand on her own two feet for a few seconds.
  • She loves playing with toilet paper.. she will rip it to shreds and try to eat it… a few times she succeeded 😓.

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  1. gchan7127 says:

    “DH has surmised that perhaps she prefers men over women. She does well with the male species and always cries or has “attitude” with the ladies lol. So interesting.”

    Hahahaha! XD

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