Week 64 – learning tower acquired!

Toddler holding yogurt

Getting the yogurt from the fridge and running away with it

Week 64 thoughts and milestones: 

  • Dec 9: Went 30 hours to pump less than 15ml.
  • When I asked her this morning what she had for breakfast (as DH is always the one who wakes up early and preps her breakfast), she answered me “dan” (egg) — correct!! 😀
  • Finally got her a wooden learning tower!!! 😀 😀 I’ve been looking on FBM and had a few times where I wasn’t fast enough to obtain one. The most recent one I liked was a sage coloured one (Ikea hack) for only $50, but it was all the way in Danforth. Despite the low cost and beautiful look, I didn’t want us trekking all the way to Danforth and spending an hour driving round trip for it. Retail prices for these much-sought after learning towers are $150 to 200. On FBM, I’ve seen them sold for as low as $30 to $80 — such an incredible steal. Most of these are secondhand but very gently used (and thus in great condition and has more life in it), so you just have to look at the photos and condition of it first before you buy.
  • I was lucky enough to get her one for $35 today (also an Ikea hack) and DH picked it up from his way home from work. $35 is so incredibly cheap for a working learning tower!! SO happy we got this! 😀 It’s not perfect and the Ikea hack version doesn’t have safety bars, but I think she’ll be fine. We supervise her while she’s on it and she’ll learn to be careful without the bars.
  • Speaking of work, DH went back to the office for work for the first time since the pandemic started — but not really going “back” as this is a brand new job as of January and he went there to work for the first time. Now every Thursday, it’ll be just me and bb and grandma at home. Grandma even went out for shopping groceries so it was only me and bb at one point. There’s a certain peace when it’s just me and her at home.
  • I couldn’t wait and we let her use the learning tower after dinner today. In best case scenario, we really should have waited until the morning because the moment she used it, she was super excited and kept wanting to stand on it and play with the objects on the kitchen counter. She looked so, so proud and happy too. You could just see it in her face that she knew it was another “big girl” advancement. A learning tower allows a child to participate in child-safe activities at the kitchen and observe what adults are doing too. When she is older, she’ll be able to wash her own bowls and utensils, learn to cut (soft) fruits, prepare her own sandwich, etc.
  • Also today, I finally implemented an idea I had for a while. I took out the breakfast in bed tray and opened it in her playpen — instant table for her and her stuffed animal friends! Yay! 😀
  • She is obsessed lately with the Gerber Baby puffs. She keeps asking for more after I give her a few. When I wouldn’t give it to her, she would cry. I gave in and let her eat as much as she wanted to the point of satisfaction. At least she’s eating! She likes to put each one individually into her mouth. She eats them so quickly too.
  • She played the “open and close” game with me consistently for weeks and then this week she’s no longer interested anymore. 
  • I asked her if she wanted yogurt and she repeated the word. I told her to “let’s go get it then!” and she led the way to walk to the fridge. I opened the fridge door and let her take it herself. She loves yogurt. It’s so cool she can say it and also go get it herself now 😀 (with an adult opening the door first)
  • Dec. 10: She slept very well last night! Only woke up at 1am and 5am and finally at 8am. It’s still twice in the night but at least it wasn’t every 2 hours!
  • We always joke that she’s like a newborn still because of her frequent night wake-ups lol… and also when she cries sometimes, she still wails like a newborn even though when I pull up old videos, the pitch of her cries as a newborn is actually not the same. 
  • Dec 11: Another dine-in experience for the little one. She behaved quite well. We did our due diligence as parents and wrote down the dishes we wanted to order in advance and then gave them to the server when we sat down. East Side Mario’s already serves their food fast (just like when we went there last summer for more couple time before she was born) but having the list made it even easier. The food arrived to the table so quickly and we ate together. Bb was ready to eat as she had woken up from a nap at home and she had bits of croutons, dried bacon bits, pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, cucumber slice (she grabbed it herself and slowly consumed it), meatballs from the Italian Wedding soup (and the soup), tomato soup, ricotta cheese, chicken parmigiana, bread. It was great and ESM is such a great family friendly establishment! Love their AYCE soup and salad! All of the food was “baby friendly” too as it was soft enough for her to chew. 😀 Bb stayed in her seat to eat until she was full and then she wanted out of the wooden high chair. So she sat with DH for a while and then grandma took her out for a walk and then with DH too. I liked how she got a laminated playmat with activities on it to do (but no crayons — not that we wanted them anyway because she would eat them).
  • Dec 15: She loves using the learning tower to climb up. Grandma taught her how to climb down too — to face the tower and crawl back down slowly.
  • I turned my back the other day and she had climbed atop the changing table already!!! Good thing she has a strong grasp and didn’t fall when climbing up on her own. She usually waits for us first!
  • Oh, and someone posted a huge bag of gently used 2T girl clothes for only $20 online plus five assorted toddler puzzles. Got on that right away. Now we have her 2-year-old clothes sorted! Plus fun educational puzzles including a quality Montessori one too ^_^  FBM for life! 👊 (It’s actually two big bags of clothes. And also this means I will never buy from Once Upon a Time again… FBM is so much cheaper!)

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