Week 65 – end of pumping journey at 15 months, first time playing in the snow

 Toddler touching plastic Santa at Fantasy Fair

Photo with the Santa inside the Fantasy Fair in Etobicoke

Week 65: 

  • Dec 18:  End of pumping journey exactly at 15 months postpartum.  I pumped a few drops at past midnight and that was it.  It doesn’t feel “final” for some reason, but it’s finally done.  It’s so bittersweet but I’m glad.  Now time to pack up the pumping supplies!!!
  • The other day, did the mess-free painting activity with her.  Squirted paint on a small piece of cardboard and put it into a small Ziplock bag and showed her how to push the paint out like finger painting.  She wasn’t too interested.  I guess she doesn’t understand the concept of painting much yet.
  • We brought her to Fantasy Fair in Etobicoke for some good old-fashioned indoor fun. We rode on the train that went around the indoor park.  She seemed a bit dazed and tired (as it was close to her nap time). We took photos with the plastic Santas (better than paying $40+) with a real one lol.
  • We let her out of her stroller to walk around the park and she was so thrilled. I held her hand, grandma on the other hand, and she walked around the entire fair. She was curious about the hump on the floor too where the railway tracks were. She walked a long distance for her little legs! Naturally she passed out in the car on the way home.
  • Dec 22:  She played in the snow for the very first time this past weekend!  She donned snow pants, boots, coat, hat, and gloves and went out to the backyard (snow pants were bought second-hand from FBM from that big bag of $30 clothes, boots and gloves were from Once Upon A Time, coat and hat, I believe, were from her aunt’s relatives — all second-hand clothes but all gently used and excellent condition).  At first, she wouldn’t put on her gloves so we let her be.  But once we were outside and she realized it was cold, she willingly let us put the gloves on her little hands.  It was so funny because we could see that she realized it was cold outside and she wanted the gloves on.
  • She didn’t know what to do with the snow at first.  She intently watched DH as he played with the snow.  She then knew to brush the snow back and forth with her gloves.  Her gloves kept coming off though.  I think she liked the new sensation of the cold snow on her hands though — a sensory activity at that.  Her little nose started turning red soon so we took her back in.  It was a great experience for her though.
  • When I brought out the breakfast-in-bed tray last week for her to play with, I used the wooden shape sorter as a chair for one of her stuffed animals to sit on to “have tea.” Recently, she used the same wooden shape sorter as a chair by herself!  She was so proud to be able to sit on it.  It did take her a few tries.  Grandma took a video of it too as she tried to shuffle her butt to sit on it properly.
  • She walks around the house and requests to go to different rooms.  She points to the door to the basement and signals to go there.  She is quite demanding in what she wants and it’s hard not to give in.
  • She still isn’t sleeping well… she’s been getting up two or three times at night and sometimes DH needs to be beside her at night.  I can’t imagine how tiring that must be…
  • It’s nice not to pump anymore.  It’s amazing how fast I can ease back into my old pre-postpartum life of not pumping and just going on about my day.  We packed up all the pumping supplies for good the other day too.  My body is finally my own again.
  • She had a fun time watching me put her sloth stuffed animal on the wooden pusher and watching it roll around.  She sat atop the change table to watch.
  • DH fed her star-shaped pasta this week (after taking inspiration from his sister) and it’s a great pasta for babies.  I never had tried this pasta before.  Orzo would have been the closest small pasta that I enjoy.
  • The sole of her feet is as long as my palm.
  • We finally weighed her at home and she’s 20.6 pounds now!  Super big baby but really a toddler who’s walking around all over the house now.
  • She can climb on to the massage chair or sofa and also get down safely.  She can do the same for the learning tower too.  The learning tower is such a great purchase.  She’s been using it every day to play with objects at the counter.
  • This week, she learned to look underneath the sofa or drawers and see that there’s objects underneath it.  She literally gets super close to the floor and does it.
  • She can also correctly point to her stomach, hands, and feet now when asked.  (Head, eyes, nose, ears, mouth are all learned already).
  • When she needs milk, I’ll fill up the bottle and hand it to her.  She can hold up the bottle herself and sometimes she stands there drinking it and she knows to tilt it back to let the milk flow into the nipple.  She’s like a little drunk person standing there holding a bottle lol.
  • Her bangs are getting long and sometimes getting in her face.  I’ll brush them out of the way but a haircut for her bangs is in the near future.
  • She only drinks homo milk now.  No more formula and no more breastmilk! ( 😥 )
  • At least two times this week, she threw up during her bedtime routine.  She threw up so much of her dinner and milk.  We’re going to stop feeding her by 7 p.m.-ish from now on to have her stomach settle better before drinking milk and going to bed… Hopefully that helps.  Thus, there was more laundry this week than usual.
  • Her molars are coming in!  I spotted the tops of her right-side molar coming in.  Yay for new teeth.  Hopefully this means she can chew even better and eat more.  I’m always concerned about her getting enough food.
  • Her poops have been consistent.  She is regular every day. 😀
  • She gives the cheekiest little grin showing all of her teeth.  I have been asking her to smile for the camera too.  When taking photos together, she does look at the camera too.
  • Her lips are less chapped and dry now.  We have been giving her more water to drink.
  • The new house is coming together.  I guess we can finally move in mid-January?  It feels surreal still and we are still nowhere near ready to move.  We have barely made a dent in packing anything at all… Despite all the decluttering I’ve been doing the past year, we still have so much stuff.
  • She can pronounce “por por” so much better this week.  When grandma was out this week, bb pointed to the phone and said “por”.
  • She sings a little “song” at bedtime, “la dee la dee la”.  It became longer with more syllables too than when she first sang it.  It’s so cute.
  • No more restaurant visits or going to indoor play events (not that we had much to begin with) since the Omicron variant is spreading.  More time at home again.  It’s difficult.  Maybe that’s why I haven’t had much motivation to pack or declutter even more…?
  • Still don’t have too much appetite these days and trying to opt to eat less carbs.
  • Still enjoy stenoing and producing transcripts so much.  I have three on my plate currently and it’s great.  Love how I’m more on task and punctual than pre-baby.
  • I let her cry it out when it comes to her bedtime if I’m the one putting her to bed.  She cries on average 2 to 15 minutes before she falls asleep.  Her naps range from 40 minutes to 2.5 hours.  The two-hour naps are the absolute best.
  • I love zoning out in front of the TV to the CP24 channel.  However, this doesn’t happen too often since if she’s around as we don’t want her watching the television screen so we then promptly turn it off.  The only time I can get to myself is when she’s sleeping or napping.  Even when I’m eating breakfast or lunch, she’s always around and then I have to entertain her or keep an eye on her.

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  1. smkelly8 says:

    Playing in the snow for the first time must have seemed magical.

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