Pandemic 2022 Dine in Eats: KAKA All You Can Eat Markham weekday dinner

KAKA All You Can Eat Markham location

KAKA All You Can Eat Markham location at 3235 Hwy 7, Unit #18A, Markham

May 4, 2022:

My friend and I went to KAKA All You Can Eat on a weekday to experience their all you can eat dinner.  We walked in around 6 p.m. and did not make a reservation and got a table easily. 

When I checked out the KAKA website ahead of time to search for the menu to get an idea of what the food options would be like, only the takeout menu was shown (the AYCE prices were shown too).  The takeout items are different from what is offered for dine-in.  I would have appreciated seeing the actual AYCE dinner menu too.

I felt rushed during the two hours that we were here.  My tip is that you should try to order everything you want to eat in the first couple of rounds.  The food takes a bit of time to arrive.  Every time you submit an order, a server has to come over to confirm it which I found tedious and a bit like they were gatekeeping what the customer orders.  It’s not like at Kiku Sushi where you can order an item or two any time and press the “submit” button of your own accord.

The server rushed us with the “last order” 1.5 hours into our meal and then asked us to leave at the 2-hour mark.  (It’s not an ideal setting for people who like to eat slowly and take their time.)

There were lots of premium items on the menu like torched and pressed sushi, sashimi, izayaka items like lamb skewers, shrimp skewers, as well as okra, poached egg, baked mussel, scallop tempura, fish tacos, wasabi tempura wings.  I found their rice to sushi ratio was good.  I like how small (bite-sized) the sushi pieces were and that the sushi rice was soft too.

Their service can be improved.  I still had some salad in my bowl and the server just took the bowl from under me when she came to clear the empty dishes — I was not finished eating!  I hate when that happens.

I asked for hot water and they gave me a whole thermos of it.  Unfortunately, I found their thermos difficult to pour from.. 😆.

It was very busy and packed on a Wednesday evening.  That’s why they needed the table from us promptly, so another tip is to arrive early to get a table.  When we left the restaurant, there was a big lineup of people waiting near the front door.  We overheard one of the staff tell an awaiting patron that it would be another “35 to 40 minutes” before their party of two would get seated.  Wow!  It was a Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. (and closing time is 10:15 p.m….).

KAKA All You Can Eat only accepts cash or debit, so make sure you have those forms of payment on you.

It’s not very big inside, and it seems like they have removed some tables to allow for social distancing since the last time I visited.  I appreciated the plexiglass barriers between some of the tables.

KAKA AYCE sushi weekday price

$37.95 for an adult for weekday AYCE dinner


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