Spoonful Dinner Buffet in Brampton

Spoonful buffet storefront

Spoonful located at 499 Main St S in Brampton

December 3, 2017:  I’ve heard of this Spoonful buffet for years and hearing that it was one of the best buffets in the Greater Toronto Area.  The only down side for me that it is a little further to get to so coming here was definitely a special treat on top of being a little special celebration dinner too. 😀

I like eating early dinners nowadays usually by 4:30 or 5 p.m.  Their dinner buffet begins every day at 4:30 p.m. and we arrived just a bit before 5 p.m.  I liked getting there early because the buffet tables were just getting filled up and everything was super freshly made, well-organized before the hungry customers got to them, and so nice to photograph!

We got seated right away in one of the main dining rooms — this place is huge!  We took a stroll along the food aisles first and I was so amazed with the selection and gorgeous ways that everything was displayed!  I was so excited too since everything seemed so dazzling. XD

 Spoonful buffet seating

Dining room. It was so nice and spacious!

First, we walked alongside the dessert aisles; there were so many dessert selections!  I was amazed with how the ice cream selection was displayed.  It was like a merry-go-around but for ice cream!  You would ask the assistant there to help you scoop your ice cream for you.

 Spoonful buffet interior

Those containers are for candy; you can put them on your ice cream or desserts!

 Spoonful buffet desserts

A quick glimpse of the desserts

 Spoonful buffet desserts

HK waffle on a stick — so creative! Red bean waffle as well

 Spoonful buffet spinning ice cream

A spinning ice cream display!

We started off with the bite-sized items and main courses.  I was blown away with the selection of unique items that they had.  Such items included duck rolls, cheesy crab bake, an assortment of cheese tarts, mac and cheese lobster, cheesy baked oyster, cheesy escargot, stir-fried crabs, frog legs (!), pogo sticks, a custom Pad Thai and custom pasta station, and so much more in between.  Close to this, there was also the station for fried rice, plain rice, and noodles.

 Spoonful buffet appetizers

The hard-to-resist appetizers!

 Spoonful buffet Chinese food

Lots of Chinese-style dishes

 Spoonful buffet baos

Bao with Taiwanese pork belly!

 Spoonful buffet frog legs

Delicious frog legs. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it 😛

 Spoonful buffet crabs


 Spoonful buffet kids corner

For all the kids!

 pad Thai and pasta station

Pad Thai Station and fresh pasta too

After this, we encountered the barbecue meat section.  Little did I know that Spoonful is actually a Asian-themed buffet and that’s why I saw so many Asian dishes!  They had roasted pork, barbecue pork, beef, lamb, roasted chicken, roasted grapefruit, roasted zucchini, roasted eggplant, Hungarian sausage, red sausage, marinated egg, seared scallop, and so much more!  It was beautiful.

 Spoonful buffet meats

Meat and seafood!

 Spoonful buffet grill food

Japanese crab balls, sausages, dumplings

 Spoonful buffet sushi and sashimi

Holy sushi heaven!

Next up, we walked past the sushi section.  Mmm, all-you-can-eat sashimi!  There was a friendly sign there reminding all patrons to only take three pieces of sashimi per visit.  The sushi rolls and maki rolls were made beautifully and presented so nicely too!  I couldn’t believe how nice the sushi rolls looked.  Usually at buffets, the sushi are very ordinary and non-descript.  Here though, all the sushi looked like the ones that you would order and receive at an a la carte restaurant.  There was also an entire section for vegetarian sushi too.  (Which reminds me, they also had a lot of variety of items of vegetarian appetizers and mains too.)

 Spoonful buffet sushi and sashimi

All you can eat raw fish and ginger and kimchi too

 Green apple and cucumber sushi

Green apple and cucumber sushi. So unique!

The salad bar was next and this included lots of fresh salad, dressings, and lots of Asian-inspired salads too including a Thai fried egg which I had never seen before, black fungus, salad, and more.

 Spoonful buffet salad bar

Salad bar!

 Spoonful buffet salad bar

Lots of Asian salads

 Spoonful buffet salad bar

I loved the variety

Opposite to the salad bar, there was a chilled food section which included the ever popular smoked salmon, smoked duck (rare to see), cubed cheese (they didn’t have any of those sliced cheese here), pickles, preserved fruits, crackers, soba noodles, cold noodles, clams, and whelks too.  It was very plentiful!

 Spoonful buffet smoked salmon

Chilled and dry items

 Spoonful buffet cold noodles

Cold noodles!

There was soup and chilled seafood too!  There was really so much here that despite taking so many photos, there are still some spots I missed.  This might be the most extensive buffet restaurant I’ve ever been to.  :O

 Spoonful buffet chilled seafood

Chilled seafood!

 Spoonful buffet plates of food

Our dishes look the same XD

That night, we enjoyed most of everything that the buffet could offer; at least what we could fit into our stomachs anyway. 😀

The highlights that night for me were the frog legs (so good!!!  Juicy and tender), fried chicken wings (perfectly fried the way I like them), and the seared lamb and beef (these were so juicy, well-seasoned, and nicely cooked!).  I enjoyed the juicy and fresh cucumbers too (lol).

 Spoonful buffet plates of food

Round #1: Get the meats!

I enjoy more veggies in my meal now so I definitely had two full plates of vegetables after the first one of mixed meat. 😀

 Spoonful buffet food

Round #2: Veggies and soup

I liked the lobster bisque and the Chinese soup (蟲草花蒸雞) that they had!

 Spoonful buffet food

Round #3: More veggies and another soup 😀

I also was able to nab a raw oyster that I saw them putting them out.  It was funny because just as I was thinking that the only thing missing from this buffet would be raw oysters, I saw them come out!  Again, these were limited to two per person.  The raw oysters here were huge!  Unfortunately, I didn’t find it very fresh though. :/

 Spoonful buffet raw oysters

Raw oysters

Although I try to limit my sweets nowadays and whereas in the past, I would have taken a piece of every single unique dessert that I saw out on the tables, I find that most of it is all the same and thus I only tried their chocolate cake and chocolate truffle.  I also tried the tofu flower dessert. 😀

 chocolate cake

Look at this beautiful whole chocolate cake

They had a multi-tiered chocolate fountain too!  This buffet literally has everything!

 Multi-tiered chocolate fountain

The most fancy chocolate fountain I’ve seen!

The chocolate cake and truffle was too sweet for my taste even though I enjoy chocolate cakes.

 Spoonful buffet desserts

Round #4: Desserts!

They also have a homemade donut making machine!  It reminds me of the one I saw at Lil Donut in Hokkaido, Japan. 😀

I loved the fact that there was no time limit to the dinner buffet.  We actually sat there for four hours eating away. 😀 😀 😀

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  1. gchan7127 says:

    Wow! That looks amazing!!!! How much was it per person?! They’re so good with their presentation. The ice cream merry-go-round is so creative!

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