Da Hu Hot Pot Dinner again

Da Hu Hotpot dinner

Da Hu Hotpot 大虎火鍋 located at 550 Hwy 7 #280, Richmond Hill

May 26:  Mommy and daughter dates are back on!  This was our third time to Da Hu Hotpot 大虎火鍋 at Times Square in Richmond Hill.  There is just something so simple and efficient about their service and food that we have not needed to look anywhere else for hot pot.  I love their individual pots, love ordering all the food to our table directly from our smartphones, love the super fast speed at which the ordered food comes to our table, love how no order ever goes missing, and the space is so clean, bright, and comfortable.  I love their booth seats and how easy it is to adjust the temperature of the hot pot at the table side.

On this visit, we timed our orders well to maximize our AYCE eating time.  They give you two hours and give you a “last call” notice at the 1.5 mark for you to make your last round of food orders.  The last half hour is for you to finish your ordered food.  As eaters who like to take our time, 2 hours is just enough.

On this visit especially, the Cantonese speaking female servers were all so gracious and nice and extra accommodating — more than usual.  This was much appreciated and made for a great visit.

I like their sweet syrup dessert with little mocha balls too.  The perfect ending to lots of savory and umami foods.

Chicken gristle and fresh fish roe shrimp paste

On this visit, I tried the chicken gristle which is chicken soft bones marinated in a ma la spicy type of sauce.  It makes your entire pot oily and spicy, so beware and try to eat this near the end of the meal so it doesn’t contaminate the flavour of your soup base (unless you want it to).  Their fish balls are so flavourful and “bouncy” too.  I noticed also that they altered the menu to show how many pieces a serving would have.  The pork belly slices, for example, came on a plate of 8 to 10, which is so helpful to avoid over ordering.

fish roe shrimp paste

What the fish roe shrimp paste looks like after being cooked. (pork belly slices pictured in the background)

Hot pot soup base comparison

Difference between the pork bone soup and the soup after everything has been cooked at the end of the meal

We will definitely come again in the future. 😀

(AYCE adult weekday price is $29.99, senior weekday price is $20.99.  Our pork bone soup base small pot was $7.59 each.  Pay in cash to get 10% off the bill.  We were a party of two dining in at 5:30pm on a Thursday so we just walked in with no reservations.  Best to book a table if you are a party of 4+ on a weekend visit.)

Link to my blogged visit last time.


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