22 months old

Toddler in a soccer field

Bb at the soccer field

22 month old highlights:

  • July 20: I’m officially a month behind on these weekly updates about bb!  I guess it’s time to publish SOMETHING even though I’m not even writing from my stenograph and it’ll be something short.
  • Bb has been growing by leaps and bounds in terms of language development. I missed out on a week of her growth due to catching COVID (ahhhh).  I’m all better now though but I did isolate in my room(s) for a full 8 days which meant I only heard her little voice and saw her growth through the photos and videos that my mom and DH sent to me.  At the time, it felt so bittersweet and heartbreaking to be away from her and not be able to see her grow in real time, but I knew at the end of the day, it was necessary for everyone’s health.  Good thing no one else besides me in the house caught it.  (To be honest, it was actually kind of nice to “get away” and have a staycation in my room without having to attend to the toddler.  It was a nice mental break and I got all the ‘me time’ I wanted.)
  • Bb speaks so well in Cantonese now.  She can say full sentences like “Lei gor mei lay ga?” (What is this?).  She identifies the male and female reporters on CP24, she can identify when someone is bald or has a moustache.  She can identify hockey and soccer.
  • She talks sooo much in general now.  She likes to repeat what we say all the time.
  • When we don’t understand what she says 10% of the time, she actually gets frustrated and whines.
  • Bb continues to enjoy daily walks to the park with grandma and now plays in the sand there too!  Grandma brings cups and spoons and empty yogurt containers for her to play with and bb has a blast.  Great sensory activity! 😀
  • During the week, it was funny that bb took over my place at the dinner table too…  And then when I finally emerged to join everyone for meals again, she knew to sit back at her regular place…lol.
  • Bb has been taking small bites out of food she holds foods like strawberries and bread.  She still prefers to be fed.
  • She loves requesting almond milk.  She pronounces it like “almon miik”.
  • She can build with the magnetic tiles now!!!!!!  She can actually build a cube by herself and then add to it.  It’s quite impressive for a 21/22 month to be able to do that.  I’m so proud of her.  I like how when it’s disassembled, she has no problem saying “joy chay gor” (build it again) and builds it anew.
  • I’ve been taking it easy in my room(s) and also taking on reporting jobs still. So great to keep myself busy and I guess I am actually a bit of a workaholic.  I love stenoing and sitting in on jobs to hear what the lawsuits are about.  I’ve churned out so many transcripts this past month.  These days, when I’m not working on a transcript, I’m resting up by finishing episodes of season 4 of Ozark lol.  Blogging is really on the backburner :/ 🤷‍♀️
  • Bb fits into all the 3T short sleeves and shorts. We saved on buying her 2T clothes!!
  • She’s started to sit on the potty seat that I got from her.
  • She put some of her plastic food toys in the bathtub so that every night when she is bathed, she has her plastic corn, plastic peas, and plastic potato in the bath water too. 😂😂  She likes playing with the toys in her bath.
  • Bb loves taking my FitBit and wearing it.  She can now take it and put the clasps together and be able to wear it on her own wrist!
  • She now says the full name “gwai sau” (monster) instead of just “gwai gwai”, same thing for “potato” in Cantonese.  She says “su jai” instead of “su su”.  “Su su” was so cute!
  • I leave my stenograph in the basement where I do my live jobs.. so unless I purposefully bring it up to the office to blog, then that’s another reason why I don’t blog as often.
  • Will work my way backwards and post back-dated blog posts of the drafts of previous weeks soon… but at least this is finally an up-to-date post! 😀

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2 Responses to 22 months old

  1. smkelly8 says:

    It’s fascinating to hear about her language development. I’m glad you’re better now.

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