Blogging about a Blog Workshop!

Thank you, An, for opening up your home to us! : )

I just taught some of the members in my team how to blog!!!  What makes me a blogging expert?  I’m not an expert by any means, but I’ve been blogging enough that I have SOME tidbits and tips that I can share to individuals who have never blogged before.  

Here’s a picture of our night!

I’m actually live blogging from our location from which we hosted the blog workshop and putting it up as my daily blog for today. #blogception!  It was really fun and exciting to get to share my blog and what I like to feature on my blog.  I hope everyone learned a lot tonight.  I am looking forward to seeing some duplication from the team and seeing some great results from their brand new blogs! 🙂

Keep growing!

Carol’s delicious cold rolls, coming to the session prepared, and lots of learning!


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