The Best Chicken Shawarma at Rifca’s Mediterranean Kitchen!

Located at 8950 Yonge St in Richmond Hill

I was thoroughly, thoroughly impressed and definitely satisfied with the food that I had at Rifca’s Mediterranean Kitchen!  This small mom and pop restaurant is located in Richmond Hill on Yonge near 16th Avenue.  I’ve been meaning to try this place out since it is very close to where I reside.
I finally got the chance to pop in here the other day when I was feeling very famished and wanted something quick and filling.  



Lots of fresh humus, Baba Ganoush, chickpea salads, and more!

We walked into here in the late afternoon and the place was packed!  It probably helped that it was Family Day (Ontario’s statuary holiday in February), but it also felt very roomy and cozy in here even though the place was small and not really furnished with nice aesthetics.  There is an area at the front where you make your order.  All of the people working there seemed very friendly and I noticed that several of their customers are on a first-name basis with them.  This must be a really popular spot that caters to a loyal fan base.


Lamb Kebab Dinner. $13.99
-served with rice, salad, potatoes

Mmm!  The Lamb Kebab Dinner was served out with high presentation points.  Look at how beautiful it looks on the plate!  So many colours and textures on the single dish.  The salad was very fresh and crunchy; loved it.  The lamb kebab was perfectly grilled and cut out into pieces.  It was also very well done.  I loved the rice; it was soft and flavourful.  It helped that I was super hungry, so I just kept shovelling food in… lol. 🙂 Lastly, I loved the soft and seasoned potatoes.  So yummy!  I really enjoyed this dish. ^_^

Chicken Shawarma. (small) $5.99

And oh, the Chicken Shawarma.  Hands down the best shawarma I’ve ever had!  It was full of goodies (I asked for all the toppings and condiments to be put in — I like trying a little bit of everything… obviously 😉 ).  The chicken was so moist and delicious.  Loved it!  The vegetables in it were a great compliment to the rest of the sandwich.  The best part of the chicken shawarma was definitely the tzatziki sauce.  I assume that their tzatziki sauce is homemade.  They put just the right amount of it into the sandwich and I just loved every bite.  I highly recommend this place if you love shawarmas, lamb kebob dinners, and the like.  So good!!

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6 comments on “The Best Chicken Shawarma at Rifca’s Mediterranean Kitchen!

    • Yeah! You could personalize your own shawarma by telling the person at the front what you wanted in it. Then they make it in front of you. I guess it’s more of a fast food type of joint, but it was still so delicious! I don’t usually love shawarmas the way I enjoyed this one. 🙂

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