BriSkit Gourmet Slow Cooked Sandwiches

Located at 160 Wilkinson Road, Unit #40 in Brampton

After we made a product run at the warehouse, we dropped by the infamous BriSkit place for some breakfast.  For only $5 and change, you can get yourself a hearty Western breakfast.  

The five of us all opted for the All Day Breakfast which included three eggs of your choice, white or brown toast, and sausage or bacon (they only had bacon on this visit).  We placed our order and took a seat at one of their tables.

Small but homey

BriSkit is a very homey and low-key family restaurant in Brampton near highway 407.

Before long, our breakfasts were served to us.  It’s funny to see what style of eggs we each liked considering we all ordered the same thing — scrambled, over-easy, hard, vegetables.

Four different types of the same all day breakfast

All Day Breakfast. $5.75

My scrambled eggs were okay.  They definitely needed more than a pinch of pepper and salt to taste good.  The three strips of bacon were very crispy.  The home fries were very, very crispy and great!  I had strawberry jam on my brown toast. 🙂

Next time, I want to try their briskit sandwiches!



– – – – –

April 27, 2015.

BriSkit Melt. $7.50

You know how I said I would come back again and try their BriSkit sandwiches next time?  Well, we came back and while the guys ordered the All Day Breakfast again, I tried the BriSkit Melt.

It was slices of beef, tender and rough, smothered between cheese and juicy onions between two loaves of bread.  It was pretty good!  The bottom of the bread was a bit cold when I picked it up which meant that the buns weren’t heated but other than that, it was a very yummy briskit sandwich ^_^.  Really glad I chose to try their signature item.  Halfway through the second half of the sandwich, I felt the fullness.  It was a big portion for me!

Next time, I want to try their other items, like perhaps the fish and chips or omelette sandwich (that’s new to me).  Yay for options! 🙂

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