Congee Queen (Yonge & Steeles)

Located at 6464 Yonge St in Toronto

After our Super Coring (now that they only occur every two weeks, it feels even more like a family reunion to dine with each other), we headed to Congee Queen at Centerpoint Mall for some good grub.  Congee Queen is not located directly inside of the mall but at the outside so you can clearly see it if you are looking for parking.  This is actually their 6th location!

Congee Queen is one of those ubiquitous congee/noodle/rice restaurants where you can order a slew of different items and be really, really full and not have to break your wallet over it.  We were a huge group and sat in a big circular table.  Since it was past 9 p.m., we were one of the only tables in the restaurant and got superior service because of it (also because they know that they’re a big group and will likely order more XD).

Big table for more than 12 people!

We ordered a bunch of dishes to share!  Here’s what we got:

Snow Peas with King Oyster Mushrooms

House Seafood & Mixed Vegetable Fried Taiwanese Vermicelli. $12.75

Empress Fried Rice (eel, fish roe, crab meat). $12.95

Fried Chili Turnip Patties. $6.95

I didn’t get to take a picture of all the dishes that we ordered (House Super Bowl Congee, B.B.Q. Duck and Pork Combo) — too many people that were hungry and wanting to eat. 😛  Of special mention, I really liked the BBQ duck!  It was so juicy and flavourful!  I also liked the Singapore-style turnip cakes.  So yummy! 🙂  Oh and the house vermicelli was very soft, simple, and delicious too!

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7 Responses to Congee Queen (Yonge & Steeles)

  1. andy1076 says:

    Geez the portions are huge! now the snow peas with oyster mushrooms? wow they look good :O

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