Hotel Review: Hotel NH Frankfurt Airport West (Raunheim, Germany)

Hotel NH Frankfurt Airport West

Hotel NH Frankfurt Airport West located at Kelsterbacher Str. 19-21 65479 Raunheim, Frankfurt, Germany

I really enjoyed staying at this hotel.  It seemed like our hotels were getting better and better by the day! ^_ ^ (That actually was exactly what the tour guide promised us too.)

On our fourth night on the Europe trip 2016, we stayed at Hotel NH Frankfurt Airport West, a small town called Raunheim in Germany.  (We stayed here on April 16, 2016.)

We arrived here at 8 p.m. (the sun hadn’t set though) and interestingly enough, our bus driver let us off at the parking area for buses, so we had to take our luggage out from the gravel-made parking lot and roll them to the hotel.  It was quite inconvenient actually.  However, once we got into the hotel, I was impressed and really enjoyed the room!

NH Hotels Group

A big NH signifying their NH Hotels Group network

Hotel NH Frankfurt Airport West lobby

Hotel lobby

Hotel NH Frankfurt Airport West room

Standard room

Our room was situated on the ground level which meant a nice view out into the residential street.  The room was big enough and there was even a recliner chair with two desks; one which was a vanity desk and the other for computer usage.

vanity desk and recliner

A vanity desk plus a recliner!

view outside hotel window

The view outside the window

Hotel NH Frankfurt Airport West bathroom

Bathroom. So clean and bright!

 NH Hotel Group bathroom kit

I loved these little bottles of the complimentary hygiene kit

I really liked the design of the washroom too.  There was a tub and a stand-in shower and the shield of the plastic was designed so that when you stepped into the shower, you pulled out the fold-out part so that water wouldn’t get on to the floor.

There was wireless Internet which was quite fast and multiple power outlets in the room.



Hotel NH Frankfurt Airport West breakfast

Breakfast buffet

The next day for breakfast, we enjoyed their continental breakfast in their huge dining area.  I was so impressed with this continental breakfast!  Everything was so sleek and modern with a lot of variety of food!  There were so many different stations: a drink station (with a funny “multivitamin juice”), cheese station, cold cuts station, baked goods, hot food, a ‘honey’ station with three different types of honey, these little “toasts” with cheese and cold cuts on them, these German Leberwursts known as “liver sausages”, and more.

Hotel NH Frankfurt Airport West breakfast

Hot food

 Multivitamin juice

“Multivitamin Juice”

 Juice Station

Variety of fresh juice

 Salad and fruit station

Salad and fruit station

 Cold cuts station

Cold cuts station

Grobe Leberwurst

Lots of Grobe Leberwurst (German Leberwurst, meaning “liver sausage”)

Cheese station

Cheese station

Baked goods

Baked goods

 Forrest Honey, Blossom Honey, Organic Blossom Honey

Different types of honey: Forrest Honey, Blossom Honey, Organic Blossom Honey

Breakfast buffet

My plate 🙂

Breakfast was lovely and I would have loved to enjoy another one here the next day, but unfortunately, we were moving to different hotels each day on our trip so this continental breakfast remained a great memory.

If I did have more time here, even on the morning of this breakfast, I would have gone back and tried out everything at each of their stations.  I even would have tried out the three different types of honey at the ‘honey’ station.  I had never seen anything like that before!

German Leberwurst, "liver sausage"

German Leberwurst, “liver sausage”

This Grobe Leberwurst (German Leberwurst, meaning “liver sausage”) tasted good spread on bread.

mini toasts and grapefruit

The small toasts with cheese and cold cuts on them and some grapefruit

These mini toasts with cheese, cream cheese, and cold cuts on them were such a unique ‘snack’ to eat for breakfast.  I tried out each one since there were different types on the table.  The grapefruit was fresh and so great to eat for breakfast.

Hard-boiled egg

Hard-boiled egg in its own little egg container

NH Hotels Group key card

NH Hotels Group key card

I would highly recommend staying at the Hotel NH Frankfurt Airport West in Raunheim, Germany if you find yourself staying in this area.  My visit was comfortable, clean, and I really adored the breakfast buffet in their dining room.

This hotel used to be called NH Frankfurt Rhein Main and is a short drive from Frankfurt International Airport, hence the ‘airport’ in its name.  There is an airport shuttle available (15 minutes to drive to the airport).


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