Bake Code Summer Series Preview (Molten Series)

Bake Code Peanut Butter Filed Croissant

Bake Code located at 4910 Yonge Street in Toronto

Thanks to Acorn Communication, I was able to try Bake Code for the first time!  I had heard so much about this Taiwanese bakery that features European and Asian baked goods but just never got around to trying them — there are so many beautiful photos of their baked goods on social media, especially ones containing matcha!  Thus, it was definitely a pleasure to be able to preview some of the special new creations that they were going to reveal to the public ahead of its launch this Friday.

The hashtag for the event was #MoltenSeries and as the night wore on, we understood exactly why that came to be.

First of all, I appreciated how the event was set up.  Invitees were given a choice of attending this event on Saturday, May 28 during the day or Monday, May 30 during the evening.  This flexible schedule gave everyone a great opportunity to fit the 45-minute review into their schedule and not allow anyone to miss out.  I loved that!

Second, because the event was broken up into different time slots for foodies to preview the baked goods behind-the-scenes in their kitchen, the event was very intimate and casual.

 Bake Code interior

Just enough tables and space inside Bake Code for you and a few friends to relax and have a bao 🙂

 Bake Code interior

Casual bakery

I opted for the 9 p.m. time slot (right after my visit to Arctic Bites) and walked into the modern and chic bakery on 4910 Yonge Street.  (Bake Code is only a few minutes walk from the Sheppard-Yonge subway line.)  At first, the layout of the bakery might remind you of a typical Chinese bakery, but when you look closer, their baked goods are definitely a hybrid between Asian and European tastes and baking traditions.  I was very excited to try their baked goods out for the first time! 😀

 Bake Code pastries

Walk up close to see the beautiful selection of pastries and cakes!

 Bake Code Cream Puffs

Cream Puffs! I need to try this on my next visit!!

 Twice-Baked Rare Cheese Tart

Twice-Baked Rare Cheese Tart. We got to try this on our visit!

 Bake Code bakery

Before the event started, I walked around their bakery and browsed their numerous selections of baked goods! Everything looked so good

 Bake Code drink menu

Bake Code drink menu

 Sparkling Lychee Peach

Sparkling Lychee Peach. $3.70 (medium)

Jon was the one who greeted me and offered a drink from their menu.  Since Bake Code shares a parent company with the well-known Chatime franchise, they also had drinks from Chatime.  Instead, I tried one of their summer drinks, the Sparkling Lychee Peach, a great thirst-quenching drink for the summer that is akin to Italian soda.  It was refreshing and tasted lightly of lychee and peach.

Shortly after 9 p.m. and once all the invitees had arrived, we strolled into the kitchen at the back of the bakery where we were treated to an intimate session with the owners.  He quickly introduced us to the background of Bake Code and what they had been working for for the past couple of months.  After recently travelling to Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan, they were inspired and thus birthed the idea of these new products.

 Bake Code Summer Preview event menu

Bake Code Summer Preview event menu. What a pleasure it was to try these 6 #Molten Series items!

 Matcha Croissants & Matcha Patisserie Crème Croissants

The two types of matcha croissants on display: Matcha Croissants & Matcha Patisserie Crème Croissants

 Bake Code owners

I could really hear the passion in his voice as he introduced the items to us

First, we tried the Molten Salted Egg Yolk Croissant.  The molted salted egg yolk is called “liu sha” in Cantonese and filled up the hollows of a house butter croissant.  The rich dense salted egg yolk was intense and went really well with the crispy croissant.  I really appreciated how they heated up everything just for our arrival so that we could taste everything fresh and hot!

 cutting the Molten Salted Egg Yolk Croissant

Cutting up the Molten Salted Egg Yolk Croissant for us to try

Molten Salted Egg Yolk Croissant

Just look at that molten salted egg yolk ooze out… mmm

The Peanut Butter Filled Croissant was filled with smooth peanut butter and topped with peanut crumbs.  The peanut butter lover will certainly enjoy this one!

Peanut Butter Filled Croissant being cut

You can see the smooth peanut butter oozing out of the Peanut Butter Filled Croissant

The Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Croissant was also delicious and dense.  There’s nothing like rich Nutella to soothe any chocolate lover! 😀

Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Croissant

Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Croissant
-rich Nutella filling in a house butter croissant

Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Croissant


Twice-Baked Rare Cheese Tart

Twice-Baked Rare Cheese Tart
– a unique union of three cheeses in a twice-baked house pastry

Last but not least, we tried the famed Twice-Baked Rare Cheese Tart.  This was a “unique union of three cheeses in our twice-baked house pastry, a result of months of experimenting to find the perfect blend of sweet and start flavours”.  For a melt-in-your-mouth experience, heat it up — as we tried it — or keep it cool for a firmer texture.

Twice-Baked Rare Cheese Tarts

There was so much cheese in these! ❤

 cheese oozing out of the Twice-Baked Rare Cheese Tart

They couldn’t tell us what kind of cheese they used unfortunately

I really loved this one.  As a cheese lover, it was hard not to appreciate this one.  There were three cheeses baked into this pastry, twice!  Unfortunately, we were not let in on what the three cheeses were — secret recipe, but the smooth and velvety soft cheese just melted out from the tart when it was cut up and it definitely was so smooth and gooey in your mouth.  It was a beautiful cheese tart and I absolutely recommend trying it hot! 🙂

It was wonderful that right after sampling each of their Molten Series croissants and baked goods, we were able to take one of each to do whatever we wanted — whether to eat there or take home to enjoy with our friends and family.  This was amazing and so considerate! 🙂

Matcha Croissant

Matcha Croissant
-house made butter cusaunt infused with a blend of matcha

 Twice-Baked Rare Cheese Tarts

Twice-Baked Rare Cheese Tarts ready for us to take home!

 Bake Code items

All of these ready for us to peruse (since it was late, I took them home immediately)

 Bake Code specialties

These aren’t your typical bakery items!

As all food lovers know, the photo is also very important, so they even set up a small “photo-shoot” area for us to take photos.  Complete with white lights, extra plates, tongs, and boards on to which we could style the baked goods, we were fit for taking as many photos as we needed before we left.

 oozing Molten Salted Egg Yolk Croissant

Molten Salted Egg Yolk Croissant on display

 Bake Code Molten Series

Taking pictures before I left

 Bake Code interior

Many customers were here on a Monday night!

 Bake Code exterior

Bake Code located on Yonge Street and a couple of minutes away from the Yonge-Sheppard subway station

Thanks again to the three lovely individuals at Acorn Communications and Bake Code for allowing us to visit and indulge in your products before you launch them to the public.  I will definitely return to Bake Code and bring a friend along with me to enjoy more treats!

They have a limited seating area at Bake Code, but a spacious patio on which you can sit and enjoy an afternoon and evening on.  The items at Bake Code might not be as cheap as your neighbourhood Chinese bakery, but the inventive baked goods are definitely worth the money and worth the visit! 🙂

 Bake Code catalog

Thank you for the Bake Code catalog and $20 voucher for a return visit! 🙂

The following photos were taken at home after taking the goodies from Bake Code to enjoy:

Matcha Patisserie Crème Croissant

The Matcha Patisserie Crème Croissant looks pretty tame from the outside..

Matcha Patisserie Crème Croissant

But it’s super creamy and smooth with matcha-infused pastry cream inside! ❤

I absolutely LOVED this Matcha Patisserie Crème Croissant.  I had been looking forward to eating this for months after seeing so many photos of the gooey matcha ooze out of the flakey croissant.  The matcha-infused pastry cream sure didn’t disappoint and I even licked my plate after some of it had dripped out. 😀

 Molten Salted Egg Yolk Croissant

Molten Salted Egg Yolk Croissant
-Bake Code’s latest creation, a molten salted egg yolk (liu sha) filling in a house butter croissant, best served fresh from the oven

 Molten Salted Egg Yolk Croissant

Mm yea, that molten salted egg yolk

Enjoying this Molten Salted Egg Yolk Croissant again at home was no different than trying it at the store.  This time, I had more to enjoy for myself!  The molten salted egg yolk was so delectable, rich, and full of flavour!  This one is definitely a must-try from Bake Code!.. Especially since they are only rolling this out brand new starting on June, 3, 2016!

Twice-Baked Rare Cheese Tart in box

What a cute little box to house the Twice-Baked Rare Cheese Tart!

Twice-Baked Rare Cheese Tart

Twice-Baked Rare Cheese Tart looks like a sun 🙂

Twice-Baked Rare Cheese Tart cut open

Waiting for it to ooze

This Twice-Baked Rare Cheese Tart is also a must-try for any serious cheese lover.  If you love gooey cheese, you will love this!  Bake Code sure didn’t skimp out as there was so much cheese in this that you could even suck out the cheese by the mouthful after you cut it open.  Simply irresistible!

 Matcha Croissant

Matcha Croissant
-house made butter cusaunt infused with a blend of matcha

 Matcha Croissant

Matcha Croissant, stacked

This “plain” Matcha Croissant differs from the Matcha Patisserie Crème Croissant one as there was no pastry cream in this, but because of that, the matcha taste is extremely rich and strong!  For those who love matcha tea and a strong one at that, this is your croissant! 🙂

 Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Croissant

Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Croissant
-rich Nutella filling in a house butter croissant

 Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Croissant


This Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Croissant is also only available starting from June 3, 2016 at Bake Code.  The chocolate was so rich and even a little sweet, but for the sweet tooth out there, this is the perfect croissant for you.  The rich Nutella filling oozed out so be prepared to lick your fingers after you are done!

 Peanut Butter Filled Croissant

Peanut Butter Filled Croissant
-smooth peanut butter filling and topped with peanut crumbs

 Peanut Butter Filled Croissant

Topped with peanut crumbs

 Peanut Butter Filled Croissant cut open

This one didn’t have a lot of peanut butter filling inside but still was super tasty!

Last but not least, this smooth peanut butter filling definitely oozed of rich peanut butter and was almost like you are eating from the tub!  Please stay away if you are anaphylaxic! 😛

All of the croissants were so crispy and flakey after taking them fresh out of the oven yet soft and tender on the inside.  The fillings were more than abundant and it was definitely a treat to enjoy a second time.

Thanks again, Bake Code, and you for reading this super long post! 🙂

Bake Code Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Acorn Communication invited me to a complimentary tasting to showcase Bake Code, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the companies.

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