Steno adventures in Mississauga

 Mississauga views

The view from the 16th floor. ❤

Today’s steno reporting adventures came from the city of Mississauga!  It was my first time reporting outside of downtown Toronto — I’m still a newb — and I was very excited to drive out west for this job!  One thing I love about the steno field is that each day is different.  Reporters usually work out of different offices and law firms every day!  

It was a very warm day — in fact, they said it was the warmest October on record on this day.  Driving out to the Square One area this morning wasn’t bad at all since I was actually up very early and traffic was minimal on the 401.

 Mississauga city views

What a building!

I was really impressed with the architecture out here; it wasn’t until this trip that I noticed it.  Tall buildings around relatively flat landscape.

A quick selfie in the elevator as it zoomed up to the 16th floor

Such a pretty boardroom!

The receptionists, staff, and lawyers at today’s location were all incredibly friendly, kind, accommodating, and considerate.  Every person I interacted with had a bright smile on and didn’t hesitate to show it.  I was really taken back but in awe of how nice everyone was.  Without even imposing myself, after showing me into the boardroom, the receptionist asked me, “Is there anything else you need?”.  I was really impressed with the hospitality.  I asked for a long extension cord so that my plugs reached the outlets on the wall.  There were cookies, coffee, and water in the room too!  One of the lawyers joked too much about the ‘bad-tasting’ cookies so it actually held me off from trying any… lol.  The lawyers were very cognizant of timing and patient with my spelling requests.  I really think they went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable.  I don’t think I’ve ever had such preferential treatment before while at a job…  Made me feel all warm inside.  (And also what a great first impression of this law firm!)

The other window — not as scenic but still really nice to see all of the land from this vantage point!

The view of the boardroom was amazing.  It was the first time that, like I mentioned, I saw these beautiful skyscrapers out through the windows with these sweeping landscapes.  We were on the 16th floor and the boardroom was a corner lot too!  Both sides of the walls contained huge windows which showed off the landscape beyond.  It was really gorgeous and quite colourful too considering that it was fall time and the leaves on the trees had changed to orange and yellow tones.  It was a different view than working in downtown Toronto because downtown Toronto has so many buildings congested together and no wide expanses of visible greenery like this.  The room was also decorated so warmly with a tall and vibrant bookshelf, bright paintings on the wall, and even a small love-seat and armchair.  This boardroom, even though on the small size, had everything.

I really enjoyed today’s job in Mississauga.  It’s one for the books (and this blog). 🙂

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