itaMoMo (Hong Kong)

itaMoMo located at Shop 102, 1/F, Yu Chui Shopping Centre, 2 Ngau Pei Sha Street, Sha Tin in Hong Kong

itaMoMo (意八餐廳) is a restaurant franchise offering fusion Italian cuisine that spans several locations in Hong Kong.  We ate here for dinner  before our flight to Korea and arrived just in time to take advantage of their afternoon tea time special (ending 5:45 p.m.).  (Their entire tea time menu was in Chinese BUT their regular menu was in English and Chinese.)  

itaMoMo menu cover

itaMoMo menu cover

itaMoMo tea time menu

itaMoMo tea time menu


海苔活蜆豚骨湯泡珍珠飯熱鍋. $34 HKD
Pearl Rice with Clams and Pork Bone Broth in Hot Pot

We shared the 海苔活蜆豚骨湯泡珍珠飯熱鍋 “Pearl Rice with Clams and Pork Bone Broth in Hot Wok” (translated by yours truly) while our other two friends ordered similar versions except one with pork belly (海苔九州叉燒豚骨湯泡珍珠飯熱鍋) and one with mushrooms (海苔粟米味付蛋豚骨湯泡珍珠飯熱鍋).  They all visibly looked the same since it was the same style of wok.


海苔九州叉燒豚骨湯泡珍珠飯熱鍋. $36 HKD
-Pearl Rice with Pork Belly and Pork Bone Broth in Hot Wok


海苔粟米味付蛋豚骨湯泡珍珠飯熱鍋. $31 HKD
Pearl Rice with Corn and Pork Bone Broth in Hot Wok

I really liked the pork bone soup which was full of flavour.  There was some seaweed in the soup too.  The clams were a bit chewy and didn’t soak up the flavour of the soup.  The best part of the dish was the pearl rice that was so firm and “pearl-y”.  It was a great comfort food kind of dish! 🙂

I also ordered an vegetarian appetizer, 牛肝野菌汁焗田園蔬 (Baked Vegetables with Mushroom Sauce).  I’m trying to include more veggies in my diet these days and this dish called out my name.


牛肝野菌汁焗田園蔬. $22 HKD
Baked Vegetables with Mushroom Sauce

Baked Vegetables with Mushroom Sauce

Just look at that cheese…!

It arrived in a black pan where there was cheese and sauce covering all the veggies.  The sauce itself didn’t taste like mushrooms to me but definitely of cheese.  It was quite a lovely dish with lots of cabbage, carrots, eggplant — all covered in sauce. 🙂

The pearl rice dish came with a drink as part of the tea time menu.  It was a citrus lemon tea that was so good and I gulped it down immediately.

 citrus lemon tea

Citrus lemon tea that was so good and recommended to us by Melissa

This was such a great meal for only $34 HKD!  That’s about $5.70 in Canadian (based on current rates at the time of writing).  There was a lot of rice and soup which would fill up just about anybody. 🙂

itaMoMo interior

The inside of itaMoMo — lots of seating available!

The rest of the dishes on the menu looked promising too.  I’d love to return to try more dishes. 🙂

 itaMoMo regular menu

Some of the dishes on their regular menu

itaMoMo exterior

itaMoMo located inside the Yu Chui Shopping Centre

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