Fight Fit Bootcamps – Markham

Fight Fit Bootcamps Markham

Fight Fit Bootcamps located at 50 Torbay Rd in Markham

This Family Day weekend, my friend invited me to the gym that she has been attending for over three years where she does bootcamp training and kickboxing.  The Markham location of Fight Fit Bootcamps at 50 Torbay Road was having a friends and family day where their current members could bring in friends and family for a free class.  

The last time I did a bootcamp training was four years ago at Go Girl Bootcamps and I was once again open-minded to see what this one would be like.  I registered first through the link that Marilyn sent me and I received a confirmation e-mail immediately about being subscribed to their newsletter.  In another e-mail, I was confirmed for the class and was told about what to wear and bring to the class.  I was looking forward to it!

At 9 a.m. on the day, I had arrived at the location and was immediately greeted by a very happy and cheerful admin assistant at the front.  Brianne gave me a form to fill out my details and then led me and the other newcomers on a short tour of the facilities.  Her cheerfulness and high energy was infectious and what we needed on a bright and early day on a holiday no less.

The bootcamp started at 9:15 a.m. and after Phil, the bootcamp trainer, had introduced himself to the newcomers, we started the training.  We did about 5 minutes of cardio work out to warm up.  This included 20 jumping jacks, 10 calf raises, 10 squats, push ups, and crossing-the-shoulders plank.

After this, Phil led us through the six stations of circuit training that we would be doing.  This included holding a heavy weight above our heads to skirt around a ladder-type rope on the floor, running on the spot or doing jumping jacks with weights, balancing on a half-squishy ball while doing squats and holding a ball, planks and pushing a weight back and forth, hip thrusts with a kettlebell, and doing sit-ups with a ball.  We did three rounds of these stations and finished off each one by partnering up and doing either leg lifts around the partner and/or then planking and lifting the arms as the partner lifted the legs.  (HAHA, I totally don’t know the proper names to all of these exercises. 😛 )

We were at each station for 50 seconds and throughout it, Phil and another assistant went around to make sure everyone was safe and doing the exercises properly.  I really appreciated how Phil gave the newcomers positive reinforcement and tips at times to properly doing an exercise.  He was very warm and encouraging which was incredibly heart-warming and appreciated.  I remember at the last bootcamp I was at, I didn’t feel very encouraged considering that it was my first time there, so this first time at this Fight Fit Bootcamp was a much better experience.

We finished off the 45-minute workout with a quick stretch and cool-down.

Then, Phil presented the newcomers with a nifty pin that said “I survived my first Fight Fit Bootcamp!”  It was extremely cute and nice to receive a little gift like this.  I really felt welcomed as a guest.

I write this blog post a day after the workout and I can really feel my back arms and upper abs sore today.  Yay!  Feeling sore after a workout is the ultimate sign that you’ve done something right and stretched the right muscles.  I’m actually considering to go back for more, but we’ll see… 🙂

Fight Fit Bootcamps Markham

This is located closest to the Woodbine and Steeles intersection

Thanks, Marilyn, for introducing me to this gym and to Fight Fit Bootcamps for offering a great workout session!

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