Consider turning off your air conditioning unit

I write this post as I hear my next-door neighbour’s constantly churning AC unit through my open windows. It’s not even hot tonight, and the perpetual blasts of wind outside tonight are so cool and refreshing. Why do you need to have your air conditioning on?! 

Our earth is quickly and surely warming up. Consider turning off your AC units if possible if you notice that it’s not even hot outside. The more we get used to cool manufactured air when indoors, the less tolerant we are of the hot air from outside and resort to demanding cooled air on the spot. Air conditioning is terrible for the environment. While it is cooling you off in an outdoor space, it is warming the outdoors (the atmosphere, and the earth).

(I understand that the very young, pregnant, and elderly can’t withstand the heat and need AC in extreme temperatures, but everyone else can consider this simple plead to reduce our climate footprint.)

I have only turned on my AC unit once this summer (when the fiancé came over and he’s not used to sweating it out like our household is). In the last six years, we have also only turned on the air two times. How do I manage the hot summers? I just sweat it out. Drink more water and sweat. Wear less in the house. Utilize the lower levels of your dwelling (basement) more often where it is naturally cooler.

I have heard that you get sick easily in the summer by being in air conditioned spaces. I’m not sure if this is true or not but I haven’t had a summer cold in at least six years’ time. Maybe it is related?

Either way, let’s try to save the earth a bit more by resorting to using old school fans and ceiling fans instead. Turn off your air conditioning and open your windows, especially in Toronto tonight when the wind brings such cool breezes and fresh natural air.

(Same thing when you’re in the car. Roll those windows down! There’s always a breeze outside.)

Hoping to see more rolled down windows around the city in the summer, both for homes and vehicles.

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2 Responses to Consider turning off your air conditioning unit

  1. smkelly8 says:

    You’re setting a good example for conservation.

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