Simple joys

I wanted to write this post a couple of weeks ago but the feeling passed and I let it go. The sentiment is back again tonight, so here goes: It has been SO nice after the wedding (and honeymoon) to not worry about the wedding anymore. I can finally spend my weekends doing whatever I want, even if it is as mundane as completing transcripts in front of my computer (which I enjoy) or furniture shopping/assembly.

Wedding planning really is all-consuming and it involves so many intricate parts from many people at once. I actually hate relying on other people and to have certain parts of the wedding where I didn’t have the flexibility or control is something that will always be a bother for my personality.

These days, the simple stresses are just transcript work — managing my procrastination ways around the deadlines, whether I can squeeze into a yoga class or not, and attempting to tackle my blog backlogs (which is very low on my priority list these days because I’d rather be going to yoga or chasing after the money). How simple life is again without organizing a 200-person party and how wonderfully easy and stressfree it has been. I can enjoy my weekends again!!! I can have my life back. 😄

For up-and-comimg brides, the stress is REAL. Try not to stress too much (although it is inevitable until the very day is over).

Basically, I’m so glad we didn’t have an engagement longer than what we had (11 months). Had our engagement period and planning process been longer than that, I would have been even more stressed and affected. It’s better to plan quickly and get it done so you can enjoy the joys of life after marriage.

I’m the type of person who likes to check things off my list. I always have a mental to-do list of tasks, errands, and things to accomplish in my head. While I may have the bad habit of procrastinating on transcript deadlines, the deadlines are usually short and then it’s checked off and completed (transcript deadlines range from a day to two weeks. Even if I have a transcript due in 10 days, I know I’ll only be relatively stressed for those 10 days). A wedding is different because it’s half a year or more in advance. It casts such a shadow on you and hangs over your head ALL the TIME. Even if you meet up with friends to relax, the topic of “How’s wedding planning going” is bound to rear its head up. The stress accumulates for such a long time and gets worst and worst until the day of the wedding.

This wedding was the longest, most tedious, and people-oriented project EVER. I don’t like group projects (I only work well with one other person — thus why my husband and I were a great team and didn’t want much help from others). (This is also why I love my job so much because I barely have to collaborate with big groups.) It’s the other people we had to deal with which made it such an arduous task. Too many opinions, unnecessary perspectives, and talk in general. Again, I’m so glad this part of our lives is over.


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