First Time taking a Pilates class!

I’ve wanted to try pilates for a long time, for as long as when I first saw it as one of the options at the Flirty Girl Fitness studio (which doesn’t exist anymore and is rebranded). Even when I first joined the membership at Hot Yoga Wellness Markham (now Yoga Bodies) and saw that they offered Pilates there, I wanted to try it since it was part of my package but the classes just never worked with my always-changing schedule.

Finally, I’m working from home today and made it a conscious decision to go for the 6.30 a.m. class. The instructor was one who had taught me yoga before and I like her style of teaching.

Pilates is mat-focused where you’re either laying, kneeling, or sitting on the mat to do the poses. Each pose is held for an extended period of time with pulsing in between the sets to strengthen the targeted muscles. I enjoyed it. 😀 It’s more active than yoga asana poses but not unfamiliar to me. It’s like holding various yoga poses for a longer period of time. The room is set to a temperature a bit cooler than hot yoga classes. I still sweat a good amount regardless.

Yay, so glad I got to try Pilates finally. 😀

About stenoodie

I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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