Facial Sheet Mask Review: Mediheal – N. M. F. Aquaring Ampoule Mask Ex

This is the second ampoule mask I have tried so far.  Ampoule are highly concentrated essences that are like an extra hug for your skin with more nutrients too.  This N. M. F. (Natural Moisture Factor) Aquaring Ampoule Mask Ex from the Mediheal brand came in a bonus box of 14 sheet masks.  I got it on sale from Mannings (the original price was 336 HKD and was on sale for 89 HKD.  Such a steal!)

While this may look like any other sheet mask I’ve tried so far, this Korean branded one is actually quite different.  I read through the ingredients list and most of the ingredients are ones that I actually recognize.  It includes ingredients like flower water, mushroom extract, witch hazel, sweet almond seed extract, hydolyzed callgon, aloe leaf juice, willow bark extract.  I was so impressed with these ingredients!  I heard witch hazel is amazing for skin. For the other sheet masks I’ve tried, I don’t remember reading as many recognizable ingredients before.

The sheet mask contained 27 mL of ampoule inside the sheet mask packet.

When I pulled it out of the package to try it on, it was a little difficult to peel apart the very heavily soaked sheet mask.  The ampoule was definitely heavier and more dense than other sheet masks.  The sheet mask itself had the pressed logo of “Mediheal” on it which I thought was a little tacky before but neat (I guess it’s to preserve authenticity of the brand).  There was barely any fragrance to the sheet mask.

There was not a lot of essence left behind in the pouch, but whatever there was, I used it on my neck, arms, and legs.  I noticed that the ampoule immediately absorbed into my legs and felt so smooth (without the stickiness).  It was like I put on a really effective yet light cream.

The mark instructions called for the mask to be left on for 10 to 20 minutes.  I really liked how this mask stayed so easily on my face without slipping down.  The holes for eyes, mouth, and nose kept the mask in face well.

As I had the sheet mask on my face, there was a cooling sensation.  I liked how close the sheet mask sat on my face without slipping.  I could feel my face being hydrated.

I would totally buy this mask again for the quality of ingredients and how well it formed against my skin.


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