Birthday Celebrations at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament!

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament food

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament located at 10 Dufferin St in Toronto

November 5, 2017:  For the babe’s big birthday bash this year, we celebrated at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament!  Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament has been around in Toronto for many years and is a franchise that exists in the United States too.  My first time to this fun family friendly dinner and show was several years ago in university with some friends.

This year, I booked the Celebration Package for us which included priority castle access, VIP seating, VIP lanyard, personalized birthday announcement, cake, cheering banner, team towel, and group photo for each member of the party.  It was such a great package to celebrate a birthday with!

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament building

Building where the dinner and tournament is hosted

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament interior

The great hall inside

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament knighting ceremony

A knighting ceremony

 Falcons in the castle


Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament arena

The arena

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament stage

The stage

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament white horse

A solitary white horse was the first on the scene

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament table

Our table setup

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament plates

The only two pieces of plates that night

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament drink menu

Special drink menu

 The Executioner, Pilsner

The Executioner (small).
-Southern comfort, mango & fruit punch mix
Pilsner, 20 oz

 Medieval Times food menu

Bill of Fare

I had a good time at this event.  The food was served according to the style they might have served food in the medieval times (circa 11th century) which means there were no utensils and everyone eats with their hands.  It was a four-course banquet which consisted of tomato bisque soup, garlic bread, roasted half chicken, herb-basted potato, buttered corn, and pastry of the castle with two rounds of select beverages and coffee or tea.  It is such a clever way of pretending like you are dining in that era while cheering on your knight.

Tomato bisque soup

Tomato bisque soup

Tomato bisque soup with garlic bread

Tomato bisque soup with garlic bread

Roasted chicken

Roasted chicken

chicken with corn and potato

Roasted chicken with sweet buttered corn and herb-basted potato

 Cake and Pastry of the Castle

Cake and Pastry of the Castle

We were part of the Red and Yellow Knight team.  Each person is automatically put into the colour of their knight upon arriving.  Everyone wears the colour of their knight and cheers them on.  The six knights were red, yellow, green, blue, black and white, and red and yellow.  It was really nice to watch the knights from each team play and joust against each other.  I hadn’t realized how much effort they put into this!

Medieval Times horses demonstration

Showcase of horses’ skills

Medieval Times horses demonstration


Medieval Times knights on horses

Arrival of knights on their horses

Medieval Times knights

Knights in their corners

Medieval Times red and yellow knight

Our red and yellow knight!

We did notice that because this show goes on year-round and has been on for so many years now that even all the horses and actors seem a too familiar with all the antics.  They are so used to all the routines that they seemed a little bored to us. XD

Medieval Times entertainment


Medieval Times entertainment

The mesh came down for protection purposes

I liked how our Red and Yellow Knights section was enthusiastic and loud when cheering on our knight.  The girl sitting beside me was especially excited and cheerful that it really made the mood so much more fun.  Unfortunately, the green knight won that day.

Medieval Times green knight

The green knight won!

In addition to the knights battling, the horses also showed off their skills.  The falcon’s flight around the arena was also really cool.  It was so much longer than I expected; I wonder if the falcon loses track of how many times it goes around the arena.  XD

I liked how they announced the birthday wishes individually too in their characteristic Medieval voices.  There were so many birthday boys and girls the day we were there too!

Medieval Times cheering banners

Cheering banners. These are so fun

Towards the end of the show, a runner delivered our group photo to us too!  It was such a bonus to have a commemorative photo be included in their Celebration Package. 🙂  We had taken the photo with the falcon and the falcon’s keeper.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is such a unique dinner theatre experience that anyone of any age would enjoy it (especially if they haven’t been there before).  Having the cheering banner in my hand and waving it around whenever our knight was on that night was especially fun.

I highly recommend the Celebration Package if you intend to bring a loved one here to celebrate! 🙂

Medieval Times group photo

Yay! 😀

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