First SampleSource delivery (spring 2020)

SampleSource delivery (spring 2020)

SampleSource delivery (spring 2020)

About a month and a half ago, my dear friend Nancy alerted me to a website where you can receive free samples of various products based on the profile that you provide (there were a few pages of questions to get to know your lifestyle in order to match up the products with your profile).

I wasn’t skeptical at all since I trusted my friend and onto the website I went.  It only took a few minutes to go through the questions as not every category pertained to me.

When I got to the end of the survey, I was presented with seven products that would be mailed to me as samples to try.  The tagline of SampleSource is “try before you buy”, so these free samples would allow a consumer to try these store brands to evaluate if it is something suitable for them or not.  Of the seven products, I was only interested in trying four.  I mean I could have ticked off all seven items in the list, but I really am not interested in accumulating junk at home and having to declutter unnecessarily for the sake of free merchandise.  Frankly, if I was more general in my profile, I probably could have accumulated more samples; I could have answered “yes” to so many more categories.  However, the goal is not to be greedy and to be honest of course. 😛

SampleSource boxed delivery

The SampleSource boxed delivery arrived at my doorstep this morning

Fast forward to today, the first week of May, and my package from SampleSource has shipped and arrived!  I received a nice white cardboard box filled with the goodies that I qualified for (I actually received five different samples).  Indeed, the products were sample-sized so don’t expect a free full-size product if you try it out.

I received two granola bars, a bistro bowl, a sample of rice and lentils, and coffee (I don’t drink coffee but I knew that my husband would benefit from it).

I tried the Clover Leaf Bistro Bowl in “Spanish Medley” which was a 60 g sample (the regular size sold in stores is 170 g).  I liked that it had wild caught tuna, legumes, whole grains, and contained no preservatives.  All I had to do was open the lid and start eating.  It’s a satisfying lunch option with plenty of protein.

Clover Leaf Bistro Bowl in "Spanish Medley"

Sample size of Clover Leaf Bistro Bowl in “Spanish Medley”

 Special K and Kashi granola bars

Special K “Dark Chocolate Chunks & Almonds” on top
-Kashi “Chocolate Peanut Butter” on the bottom

The Special K “Dark Chocolate Chunks & Almonds” was a tasty and chewy gluten-free granola bar.  The dark chocolate chunks were the best part.

The Kashi “Chocolate Peanut Butter” granola bar was similar to the Special K bar except that it had a strong peanut butter taste.  It’s made from whole grains and is verified non-GMO.

I’ll try the Geovita organic mix of grains and lentil blend another day as well as report on what DH thinks of the Nescafe Gold espresso/cappuccino/coffee sample.

It was really neat to try out this service; I didn’t know about it until my friend told me about it!  You can sign up for free too at (I don’t get points or anything for referring you).  Their current spring 2020 samples are out of stock already (the samples were already out a few hours after my friend first shared the news with me so they go quickly), so watch out for their summer and autumn samples.  And it’s not just food samples (I just happened to pick those).  They offer samples of makeup, beauty care, household cleaning, and others as well.


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